Tigard kitchen cabinet modern makeover.


This charming home in Tigard was ready for a renovation in the kitchen, especially the cabinets. While 10 to 15 years ago this Tuscan / old world feel was very on trend, its time has since passed, and this homeowner wanted to spice it up with a darker, more contemporary feel. Check out how our talented team of painters turned this kitchen from old world Tuscany to on trend modern. Take a peek at the punch list below to see how we completed this kitchen project.


What did we do?
✔️De-greasing – lots of scrubbing
✔️Oil Primer
✔️Filler work on all the dents and dings — That’s all the red spots!
✔️More primer post filler / sanding
✔️2 Finish coats masterfully sprayed out with a hard enamel topcoat