Do you offer cabinet painting? Why, yes we do!

Pearl Painters was started a little over 22+ years ago. We have been fortunate to do a lot of awesome projects and we use our blog and social media sites (IG, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn) to showcase our teams amazing work.

We get a lot of calls asking about if we paint cabinets as this can be such a transformative part in any home. Below are some remarkable examples of cabinet projects our team has done over the years. We couldn’t use them all here but our website, wait! Did we mention we are launching a newer and updated website very soon. Be on the lookout for the official revile of this beautiful new page! It will showcase painting projects such as cabinets and many more. But for now, enjoy these before and after shots of cabinets we have done, and give us a call to get your free estimate 503 579 3765.


Tigard great room gets fresh paint on its walls, wainscoting and doors!

Built in 1996 this Tigard home boasts several rooms that are not only functional but also have unique character to them. Our outstanding painters were tasked with freshening up the paintwork in the great room. To paint we needed to fill dings and dents on the wainscoting (that is all the red spots you see 😉) and meticulously applying new paint to the wainscoting, walls and double doors. Check out these great before and after shots below and then don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out what your home painting project would cost. Now is a great time to set your appointment to get your free estimate 503 579 3765 or click here.



How we helped this Lake Oswego homeowner avoid an $80k kitchen remodel!

This beautiful Lake Oswego home was built in 2006. It hosts a treasure of fantastic features such as this magnificent kitchen. However, after being built 17 years ago, it was time to modernize and brighten this space up. Our homeowner started with new counters and backsplash, but something in the space still felt off. She decided it was due to the abundance of wood from floor to ceiling. This is where the Pearl Painters magic comes in! We were able to save our homeowner a ton of money, time, and mess by repainting her existing cabinets.

How did we save her money? Let us explain the two options our homeowner was left with.

Option one is to do a FULL kitchen remodel (starting from $80k). New appliances, new cabinets and possibly new backsplash. This is a very expensive and wasteful option especially in this case because all her appliances and cabinets are in great, working condition. Hence why she went with option two.

Option two is to paint the existing cabinets (starting at $6k). This not only saves money from having to replace everything but also a lot of time and mess from construction work.

Look at these stunning before and after shots of the kitchen below. We couldn’t be more proud of the work our team did to deliver on our promise of giving our homeowner her dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel! Nice work Pearl team, you are the real MVPs!

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Are you looking to sell in 2023? Let Pearl Painters get you ready!

Are you prepping your home for sale? Did you know that bold colors, that you love, could actually hinder how quickly your home sells?

Prospective buyers have a hard time with customizations such as but not limited to accent walls / dark colors. Buyers can sometimes get hung up on these areas and lack the vision to see past them and how they could alter the space to make it their own. But, not to worry! Pearl Painters can help get your home or any other space ready for showings!

Checkout what our team did for this stunning condo in the Pearl. First we patched all the holes from years of wear and tear, art and TV brackets, then we added a fresh neutral color. Now we have a fresh, like new, home ready for potential buyers!

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To All 126 of our Valued Customers from 2022,

We at Pearl Painters want to thank you for working with us this year. You are the reason for everything we do. We enjoy building meaningful relationships with each and every one of you, and we wanted to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our amazing clients.

When you work with us, you’re supporting far more than just a company. Every one of our team members values their interaction with you, whether they’re helping you schedule a consultation, providing an estimate, overseeing a paint project in the field, or following up with you after the project’s completion. Happy New Year from our family to yours, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!


Pearl Painters

Thank you to all the clients in 2022 who trusted with their homes!

Brandon Billingsley –  Interior 97202
Robyn Luchs – Interior 97239
Marie Godbey – Interior 97130
Carmen Vetter – Cabinets 97214
Kerry Larsen – Interior 97224
Jane Sills – Interior 97007
Don Roupe – Interior 97070
Jeremy Tovey- Cabinets 97132
Amy Mlady – Interior 97224
Ahmet Houssein – Interior 97226
Aparna Chandrasekar – Interior 97229
Sarah Morris – Interior 97223
Emily Kahn – Cabinets 97225
Lisa Curtis –  Cabinets 97007
John Rees – Interior 97068
Nancy MacKenzie – Interior 97013
Emily McClelland – Interior 97070
Julie Alford – Interior 97034
John Sullivan – Cabinets 97224
Amanda Jones – Interior 97219
Seema Steel – Interior 97201
Theresa and John Valls – Cabinets 97232
Rich Cox – Cabinets 97224
Erin Tribbia – Interior 97224
Karen Dean – Interior 97202
Melissa Delzio – Interior 97217
Valerie Luckenbill – Interior 97219
Joe Shen – Exterior 97229
Jennifer and Ken Hoffman – Interior 97007
Kelly Roberts – Interior 97062
Darin and Kaui Arnold – Interior , Exterior and Fence 97068
Marry Ellen Ambrose Interior – Hand rail  97219
Brett Southwell – Interior  97224
Mary and Jeff Stenzelpoore – Interior 97034
Pam and Keith Thompson – Interior 97070
Sarani Tank – Interior 97223
Richard Grow – Interior 97113
Andrew Meade – Interior 97239
Kim Shinner – Interior 97140
Ellen Nusblatt – Interior 97239
Koree Minor – Interior 97007
Tami Scornaienchi – Interior 97035
Sarah and Peter Iverson – Interior 97035
Judy Gabel – Interior 97223
Clarissa Beaumont – Interior 97140
Carol Sorgen – Interior 97035
Laurie Martinez  Interior 97068
Alex Prentiss – Interior 97007
Karen Brandenburger – Interior 97223
Lauri and Dan Burrier – Interior 97217
Rachael Holland – Interior and front door  97212
Ed Murphy – Interior 97224
Lindsay and Brian Carrick – Interior and front door 
Michelle and Jim Vondenkamp – Interior 97007
Renee May – Interior 97132
Scarlett Van Sycon – Interior 97221
Tom Ruttan – Interior 97034
Marlo & Ed Gonzalez – Interior 97007
Kim Richards – Interior 97062
Courtney & Boom Bird – Interior 97062
GP Interior – 97223
Shawn Lafountain – Cabinets 97224
Mike Shainsky  Interior 97209
Jeff Aldridge – Interior 97140
Candace Nokes – Interior 97068
Jean Lindstrom – Exterior 97007
Joe Christy – Exterior 97223
Carol and Richard Howe – Exterior 97223
Wes Button – Exterior 97223
Morgan and Leigh Herrington – Exterior 97007
Corina Torseth – Exterior 97224
JD Bullard – Exterior 97231
Norman Brooks – Exterior 97219
Marie Godbey – Exterior 97130
Steven Ward – Exterior 97223
Sharon Freeland – Exterior 97008
Jon Brems – Exterior 97224
Shawn Filippi – Exterior 97034
Paul Tropio – Exterior 97034
Barbara Kleinke – Exterior 97225
Katie Williams – Deck 97034
Carrie McCutchen – Exterior 97236
Mike and Janice Shainsky – Deck 97221
Kevin Loudd – Exterior 97224
Tracie Rayntham – Exterior 97007
Sharon Daigneault – Exterior 97123
Nancy Wilder – Exterior 97231
Susan and Dan Carpenter – Exterior 97068
Joy and Dave Heinecke – Exterior 97221
Shane Kim – Exterior 97205
Jon McDermott – Exterior 97123
Angela Maguire – Exterior 97008
Chuck and Shirley Herrick – Exterior 97062
Edward Interian – Cabinets and Exterior 97236
Bob Gerber Exterior – 97229
Jonas and Amy Reyer – Exterior 97223
Lee and Tom Keller – Exterior 97239
Matt Satterlee – Exterior 97224
Doug Kirby – Exterior 97219
Lisa Knorovsky – Exterior 97239
Heather Le – Exterior 97225
Katrina Willard – Exterior 97223
Mary Summer – Exterior 97215
Deanne Smith – Exterior 97225
Amy and Zak Meaut – Exterior 97223
Richard Imperial – Exterior 97219
May Ramos – Exterior 97224
Steven Cook – Exterior 97224
Katherinie Friedman – Interior 97211
Sara Coakley – Deck 97035
Bill Conley – Pergola 97225
Andy Ten – Exterior 97229
Tracy Scharfstein – Exterior 97035
Jun White – Exterior 97224
Brock Sheehan – Exterior 97223
Veronica Iverson – Exterior 97045
Linda Barnes – Exterior 97068
James Bryant – Exterior 97140
2022 Client List — Thank you! 🙂

Let’s paint your house before Santa and the new year arrives!

Don’t let the holidays stop you from completing your “To-do” list of house projects! This Portland home needed to have its interior painted and we covered this homeowners Christmas tree to keep their project going. What else did our team do to complete this project?

  • Mask
  • Spackle, caulk
  • Sand patched spots
  • Apply first coat
  • Apply second coat
  • Blue tape inspection to ensure customer satisfaction

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Tualatin home gets fresh interior paint to help make their home holiday ready!

Holiday prep goes beyond the decorations and invitations being sent out to family and friends. It starts with having your home ready with just the perfect paint colors to make those special decorations pop and your guest’s eyes to light up. Our wonderful team helped to get this house holiday ready and reading the 5-Star Google Review the homeowner left, it is safe to say that she is pleased. Check out what she said about her experience with Pearl Painters.

“ I was so pleased with the work Pearl Painters did! Luke made the entire process seamless for me. He was knowledgeable and very friendly. Liane did an awesome job painting! Her work is perfection! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “ – Kim Richards

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5-Star Google Review highlights how Pearl Painters strives to be your painting team of choice…..

Pearl Painters has three core values we stand firmly behind. Trust, respect the individual and deliver what you promise! This 5-star Google Review that Ed felt compelled to write shows that our team works hard to live by these standards and that our homeowners can see and feel the difference by choosing us. Thank you, Ed, for such a thoughtful reflection on your project and experiences with our team.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“This is the 2nd time we used Pearl Painters. This project involved painting over dark-colored walls in a large bedroom and the master bathroom with white paint, and also painting the ceilings in both rooms white. Isaiah Hines was the project lead, and was aided by Josie Robles. They were friendly and professional, and worked all day and into the night to finish the project in one day, when we thought it would take two days. They kept us informed throughout the project, and invited us to closely inspect the final results. We would use them again for any exterior or interior painting.” – Ed Murphy

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Beautiful West Linn home gets fresh life breathed into it with new interior paint.

What a difference painting the interior of your home has on its overall look and freshness feeling. When colors get worn and tired looking, we are happy to step in and breathe life back into the walls, ceilings, staircases and so much more! And that is exactly what our extremely talented team did for these homeowners. So, what did we do to make it feel like new again? Also, check out the Yelp review they left!

How we did it?
✔️De-greasing – lots of scrubbing
✔️Oil Primer
✔️Filler work on all the dents and dings
✔️More primer post filler / sanding
✔️2 Finish coats masterfully applied

“After moving to our new home, we decided this time to tackle some of the big projects right at the start…and this involved a bigger paint job than we were ready to take on as a DIY. In doing searches in our new city, I came across Pearl Painters and their very detailed description of their process caught my attention. From the estimate appointment with Randy Meyer, to the quick scheduling, and the main team of painting EXPERTS Traynor & Jeff (and extra help from Leanne, Isaiah & Noah)….we were continuously impressed with the attention to detail throughout. I am a self-admitted perfectionist and the crew leader Traynor was ALWAYS responsive to any feedback or concerns I had. The areas they painted involved the majority of the interior and they even managed to keep everything around them clean and organized since we’d already moved in.

The bonus was how lovely, friendly and just plain NICE all these people are! We did several projects upon move-in and this was the easiest one of all, with a truly great outcome. After we save up some additional funds, we fully intend to have Pearl Painters take on the few remaining rooms that need a new look!  They were not the cheapest bid but they are definitely the best VALUE.” – Lauire M.

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Sherwood home gets fresh interior painting projects completed just in time for holiday enjoyment.

It is always exciting to be part of a home makeover project, especially when it is someone’s first home, and they get to put their stamp on all of it! For this project we had the help of the ever-talented Vanessa Rider, owner of Colormoxie to select the delightful new color scheme and modernize this home. It was decided on a nice white trim throughout and a nice light grey for all of the common walls. These first-time homeowners have a little one in their home and were concerned over paint fumes. After hearing about our process, we were able to ensure them the safety of their family is our number one priority and put their concerns at ease. The project turned out beautifully just in time for them to enjoy for the holidays!

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