Concrete Coatings

If your family is anything like mine, when Covid -19 hit we suddenly had a lot of time on our hands.  We cleaned out years worth of clutter in a storage room, converted an unused bedroom into an office for my wife and I indulged in a total garage makeover — new cabinets, new wall and ceiling paint, installed baseboards and the Crown Jewel…a spectacular concrete coating.  Being a painter, I considered doing the floor painting myself.  After much research, the prep work necessary, equipment requirements and incredibly poor materials that are available to the DIY’er, I decided it made sense to leave this one to the pros.  I did my research and found a company that specialized in concrete coatings only.  They use a paint system that’s 100% Polyurea NOT epoxy.  This Polyurea coating is the absolute best on the market and is 4 times stronger than epoxy paint.  The whole thing was completely installed in just 1 day and comes with an unheard of 15 year warranty!

So, after many great conversations about this treatment, and getting to experience their work first hand at our own home, I decided to approach them to see if we could partner up.  I’m proud to announce that, in conjunction with Webfoot Concrete Coatings, Pearl Painters now offers these amazing finishes for any concrete surface. 

This includes:
?Garage floors
?Outdoor patios
?Pool decks
?Commercial applications and more!

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Lake Oswego Re-Paint

This is a home that we painted in 2008.  The clients were so happy with the results with our work from over 10 years ago, that they decided to hire us again.  Although their home’s exterior was still in exceptionally good shape, the paint and caulking was starting to fail in the high exposure areas revealing bare wood.  To avoid costly dry rot repairs and excessive prep work, they elected to stay on top of the maintenance and went for a full re-paint this summer.

Here’s what we did:

✅ Cleaned all surfaces of dirt, pollen and mildew
✅ Masked and covered adjacent surfaces
✅ Scraped and sanded all loose and peeling paint
✅ Primed all bare wood
✅ Removed fixtures and house numbers
✅ Sprayed and back rolled 2 coats of Miller Acri-Lite in a rich Satin finish
✅ Meticulously detailed all the trim with 2 coats of Miller Acri-Lite in a Semi gloss finish
✅ Cleaned up and completed a full inspection with the client making sure no loose ends were left behind
✅ End result — Another happy client!

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Re-Paint in Oregon City

When paint is over 10 years old, it is no surprise to find fading, bare wood, failed caulking and peeling. That’s why this client from Oregon City called us!

Since their cedar shingles, trim and doors were ready for a re-do they also opted to have all their black metal railings, fences, and entrance gate re-finished. 

What did we do?
✔️Pressure washed all surfaces
✔️Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint
✔️Replace failed caulking
✔️Masked adjacent surfaces – No overspray or drips!
✔️Meticulously applied Paint and Primer to the shingles, trim, doors and metal railings / gates
✔️Thorough clean up
✔️Inspected work with client, ensuring complete satisfaction

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Modern Home Re-Paint, NW Portland

The Beldin’s home had faded and peeling paint, cracked caulking and was ready for an overall refresh. They also wanted to update the color palate to emphasize the unique features of their beautiful NW Portland Contemporary home.

What did we do?

✅Pressure washed the home removing dirt and mildew
✅Masked to prevent overspray
✅Caulked all failing joints to prevent wood rot
✅Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint
✅Primed all bare wood and knots
✅Painted all surfaces with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Aura
✅Refinished the wood front door with Zar Oil Clear Varnish
✅Thorough clean up
✅Final inspection involving the client, leaving no loose ends!

Brian Kemnitz — Owner

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Deck Restoration in NW Portland

Cindy’s Mahogany deck needed a full restoration.  Her deck had lots of uneven worn areas.  We started by cleaning the deck to remove any mildew, dirt and dust.  We then gave it a chance to dry and returned to do a full sand, removing the uneven old finish.  We used aggressive 60 grit sandpaper not only to remove the finish, but also to open up the pores of the wood so that it would accept the stain. We made quick work of this large task with the help of Festool sanders connected to a HEPA -Vac system 

To avoid a blotchy, uneven result it’s critical that the sanding dust is not ground into the wood grain.  This dust, when not properly dealt with, can actually seal up the pores thus preventing stain penetration into the wood fibers. (Thank you Festool for making such quality tools!)  Once the sanding was done we hand applied Sikkens Oil Stain making sure to remove any stain that did not fully soak in.

We also took this opportunity to do a maintenance coat of clear oil varnish on the garage doors keeping them looking brand new.

As you can see, the final results are stunning.  It makes our team proud to have another happy client! ?

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How to Give Your Home a Makeover Using Only Paint

How to Give Your Home a Makeover Using Only Paint

For many of us, a complete home makeover rarely crosses into the realm of possibility. The sheer size of the investment, including both money and time, tends to be staggering. So, as much as we’d love to act on inspiration derived from an HGTV show or from drooling over homes for sale in Hollywood, we’ll probably need to keep dreaming – right? Wrong. We’ve gathered painting and design experts from across the country to show homeowners how they can start a complete home makeover using only paint. Grab your brush and get ready to be inspired!

Working with paint every day, we are still surprised at what a difference a coat of paint can make. Even just repainting a single piece of furniture can change the whole look of a room. We have customers using this paint to transform their kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and walls bringing their homes into a much more desirable and current look. Whether it be for selling a home or changing the look, paint can change so much. – Refined Vintage Boutique

Don’t take shortcuts, and prepare your space before you paint

Honestly, it comes down to prep! A lot of homeowners with well-intentioned DIY projects don’t realize just how much preparation goes into getting professional results. Whether you’re painting a bedroom, cabinets, or an exterior, in-depth repairs, cleaning, sanding, and priming are essential. It may be tedious, but it’s 80% of a high-quality, long-lasting project. – Lancaster Painting

All too often people gather painting quotes without first establishing a good scope of work, and unknowingly end up with as many scopes of work as they have bids. This mistake generally leads to disappointment, cost overruns, delays, and an overall feeling of being taken advantage of because the homeowner forgets what has been relayed to each painter, and each painter ends up quoting the project with a different set of “wants”. Before you say “go”, stop and make sure you are going to get what you want, really read and understand what you are paying for, because if “it’s not in writing, don’t be shocked when you don’t get it”! Now, if you are not a paint expert, and don’t already know exactly what you need, don’t worry… any professional craftsman who has been at it for a while will be excited to meet with you upfront and involve you in defining a scope of work that you will be happy with. – Brian Kemnitz, Pearl Painters

The more you can prep a space to be painted, the faster the job will be. We recommend all our clients to ensure that valuables are removed from the space and to bring all furniture either to the center of the space or remove them entirely. This will save time and money by not having a painter to do this task which will cause the price to be slightly higher than it should be to paint the space. If your wall is damaged and has many holes, you can prep the holes in advance by applying filler prior to the day of painting. This way, when the painter arrives, they can begin sanding off the filler and finishing the repairs before getting it ready for paint. – Painter in Montreal

As a painting contractor and remodeling contractor in the soggy Seattle area, we run into a common Northwest issue known as rot or dry rot. You want to be sure to identify these areas and do your due diligence to investigate to make sure you know the true extent of the damage. Unfortunately, many painting contractors, and homeowners alike, will perform a surface area fix, or as we like to call a band-aid, on a problem area, when the true problem is much deeper and can be affecting the structural integrity of your home. Be sure when hiring a painting contractor that you select one with some knowledge surrounding the world of carpentry and wood structures so that these areas can be diagnosed and repaired properly while also addressing and solving the problem that caused it in the first place. Taking the right approach may cost a bit more upfront but can prevent major catastrophes in the future. – Tenhulzen Painting & Construction Partners

Create a spacious and comfortable interior

You can make a great first impression of the interior of your home by using a monochromatic color scheme. By using lighter and darker shades of color in the right places you can create an impression that a space is larger, highlight architectural beauty or artwork, or draw more attention to an outdoor view. Lighter colors feel further away from you and draw more attention, darker colors feel closer and your eye spends less time on them. By using color to tell the eye what to look at you can focus attention on the highlights of your home and create a subconscious feeling that a home is spacious and comfortable. – PaintGreen Professional Painters

What to watch when repainting your home’s exterior

When painting the exterior of the house, consider a color that is a little earthier rather than a little brighter. That does NOT mean you have to go beige – a bold jewel tone can look fantastic! But a color that looks like it came out of a candy dish will probably be “that house” – the one that people use to give people directions by, instead a house that everyone wishes were their own. Want a helpful trick? If you have the Benjamin Moore Color Preview paint fan, choose a color from the back of the fan (around 2080-10 and back) instead of the front of the fan. Those candy-colored hues are in the front – be careful!! – and the easy-to-live-with hues are in the back. – Seriously Happy Homes

One mistake clients repeatedly make on exterior color schemes is painting TINY sample swatches all over. I find that these little swatches of color slapped up all over the place just don’t allow you to see how the house will look. Instead, pick up a quart of paint and roll out a minimum 4′ x 4′ swatch. The bigger the better. This trick allows you to see the color itself, and not the contrast of the old color to the new. Because exterior colors reflect OUT into the atmosphere, choose a color that’s slightly darker than you expect. Colors tend to wash out in the great outdoors. and so going a bit deeper means you’ll end up with the color you intended. – Robin Daly Color & Design

An easy way to change the look of the front of your house is by painting your shutters and front door.  We typically use a satin or semi-gloss paint to give them extra pop, and paint with shine is more durable and easier to keep clean than flat.  If painting plastic shutters, a good bonding primer is essential, and be sure to paint your front door when there is no sun on it and the surface is cool to the touch.  Lastly, always purchase the best quality paint available from whichever supplier you use, whether a home store or a paint store; the extra money will pay great dividends in ease of application and longevity. – SNL Painting

When painting, it’s the very first layer that adheres to the house. When many thicker layers of paint rest on top, this can pull more on the original layer. This means more peeling with more layers of paint. A second reason is more layers of paint reduces the permeability, so the house does not release the condensation that is in the walls. For old houses, less paint actually allows for better adhesion of the original layer and better permeability. Tint the primer and just prime the bare wood – the oil primer protects the bare wood and provides less buildup. Then use a less thick quality paint with a higher percentage of pigments and less filler that covers and adheres well for good permeability. – Tom Sawyer Painting

Elegant Painting recommends painting the exterior of your house with a satin finish. Satin finish will have a more crisp fresh look to it and does better against humidity. – Elegant Painting

Pay attention to the quality and sheen of your paint

When choosing paint for your home, always choose the highest grade paint as the budget will allow. This will help greatly with the longevity of the finishes and aid with the elusive color retention problem. Using high-grade paint products will save on costs and add value, ensuring beauty & protection for years to come. – Pro Color Painting

As a professional painting company, we see a lot of homeowners make the same mistakes. One of the biggest is selecting the wrong paint sheen. Sheen simply refers to how glossy the paint is, and this is an important factor for interior painting projects. The glossier the paint, the shiner it is, and the easier it will reflect the light. Flowers Painting only recommends a high gloss sheen for kitchens, windows, and doors. Semi-gloss is very versatile and should be used for kitchens or bathrooms. Satin sheen is by far the most popular choice and is suitable for family rooms, kid’s rooms, and foyers. Eggshell sheen should only be used in rooms that rarely need to be cleaned such as the dining room and living room. Flat or matte sheen is good for more private areas such as adult bedrooms. – Flowers Painting

People often do not realize that all paint companies have different qualities of paints. Particularly high traffic areas of a home would benefit from using a high-quality grade of paint with an eggshell finish. An eggshell finish has more sheen than matte or flat and it is easier to remove inevitable marks that are all signs of life in your home. Also, higher-quality paints will cover more surface because they cover better, are more washable, and will look better longer.

It seems counter-intuitive to being budget-friendly but I never advise buying “cheap” paint. Even if you are selling a home, don’t buy “cheap” paint. You don’t need a top of the line expensive paint to do a nice job, a mid-grade will be just what you need for a fresh look, with a nice finish. “Cheap” paint looks cheap. “Cheap” paint is thinner and requires a greater amount of paint to cover an area. Rely on your paint store professionals to advise you on the best product for your particular surface and situation. – Kaleidoscope Color Consulting

Make sure you consider the sheen of your paint. Flat sheens (shininess) hide drywall imperfections and touch up really well but generally are not very washable. Satin or eggshell sheens are more washable but will reveal drywall imperfections and often require painting the entire wall again for touchup. – Bear Mountain Custom Painting

Don’t be afraid to mix it up

People often look at paint colors for individual spaces, but where the real magic happens is in the interplay of colors from room to room. So, make sure you “take the long view” and creatively combine colors so that they “stack up” in a pleasing way. Don’t be afraid to mix warms & cools or lights & darks — that’s what gives a home a dynamic and visually appealing quality. What you should avoid mixing are clean colors and dirty colors…stick with the clear brights or the more muted neutral-leaning colors and you’ll have a more harmonious color scheme for your home. – Amy Woolf Color & Design

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to add a bright new look to your kitchen and your entire home. While not the most DIY-friendly, hiring a professional will still save you a lot compared to replacing the cabinets. Be sure to use a product certified for use on cabinets for the best, most durable result. Painting the inside of your front door a bold color can provide a pop to your entry foyer and can usually be accomplished in only a couple of hours. Lastly, very light-colored walls (such as a light gray) are very popular and make it easy to decorate with fun, pops of bright bold colors throughout the room. – Textbook Painting

Give your ceiling a fresh look

Our company always recommends painting ceilings when repainting any space. Ceilings are supposed to be painted with a flat bright white paint color (rule of thumb for painters). White is a reflective color and allows the hues from the colors on the walls to “pop” or stand out more, giving them room a cleaner look. In addition, we offer custom paint accent wall services that add personality to the space. Painting the one wall in a room a different color is a way to add some flare to a room, especially if it’s a vibrant color, without locking yourself into the vibrant color throughout the entire room. Accent custom walls are good for rooms that have been painted utilizing neutral or calming colors, such as grays & tans. – NyRai Designs

One of the best tips for transforming your home using only paint is to select from a neutral color palette and choose shades and sheens that accentuate your canvas. Choose lighter shades for smaller rooms and lighter ceilings for rooms with lower ceilings. Using a lighter ceiling color, although an added cost, can eliminate the feeling of a room being “closed in”. Using a little more sheen on the walls in a room with less natural light can help promote more light reflectivity, effectively brightening the room. For areas with taller ceilings and more natural light, don’t be afraid to use one color for both walls and ceilings….this can lead to a more seamless and modern aesthetic. – Martinson Painting

Originally published on Redfin

Porch Ceiling Restoration in Beaverton

The Beaty’s have always done their own painting but really did not want to tackle the porch ceilings on their own.  Their wood ceilings were discolored with water stains, mildew and a wood stain that was wearing in a very uneven way, as you can see in the before pics.  So they hired us!

Click photos to enlarge

Here’s what we did:

✅ Removed the mildew and failing stain with a fungicide, stiff bristled brush and pressure washing.

✅ Meticulously masked adjacent siding to prevent over-spray.

✅ Sprayed and back brushed 2 coats of Urethane Modified Acrylic Stain from Rodda, called Sharkskin.

✅ Completed the final inspection with the client making sure we gave them crisp lines and a fully restored and protected surface that they will enjoy for many years.

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Exterior Re-Paint in Tigard

Robyn’s home had failed caulking, peeling paint, bare wood and some dry-rot on the trim around the windows.  So she hired us to take on her project. 

Before we started, the first thing we did was get her connected to our rockstar color consultant Vanessa. Vanessa helped her choose house numbers, unique light fixtures and of course, eye catching great new paint colors that are the talk of the neighborhood.  (NO joke I have already fielded 3 calls from neighbors wanting bids, and the common thread was the color selection). 

Now one surface that I really wanted to paint was the brick.  Originally Robyn was opposed to this but as you can see after meeting with Vanessa it got painted.  The next-door neighbor told me she could not believe how good it looked and felt that it should always have been that way.  As well one of the other neighbors that called for a quote said, “I wish I had brick so I could paint it!”

Here’s what we did:

✅ Connected client with a skilled carpenter to repair the bad dry-rotting boards

✅ Connected client with a color consultant to choose the perfect colors and figure out what should be called out as trim, body, accent etc.

✅ Pressure washed using a fungicide to get rid of mildew, dirt and pollen

✅ Let it dry using a moisture meter to confirm we were safe to move forward

✅ Scraped and sanded all loose and peeling paint

✅ Primed all the bare wood so the paint would stick long term

✅ Caulked all failing gaps to prevent moisture intrusion / rot

✅ Primed the brick with a masonry primer to deal with the PH, this ensures the finish coats will stick and perform long term

✅ Sprayed 2 coats of Rodda Cover Coat XL paint on all siding, soffits, shutters, brick and garage doors

✅ Hand painted 2 coats of Rodda Cover Coat XL paint on all trim

✅ Sprayed the front door (using a fine finish dual orifice tip) with 2 coats of Rodda Renaissance enamel finish

✅ Thorough clean up, garbage went with us, left over paint stayed with the client

✅ And a critical final step that really ensured we made our client Robyn happy.  Our whole team  inspected and marked all touch ups with blue tape before we loaded the ladders and equipment and put the paint away.  This is a process that we always follow, where the client gets the full chance (NO RUSH) to thoroughly walk the whole home and inspect and mark anything that they don’t like.  After that double inspection process, we 100% take care of all issues.  As you can see from the photo, we have another happy client!

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Cigarette Smoke & Glossy Oil

Chris and Steve Seely recently purchased a home in Southwest Portland.  The previous owner was a smoker, leaving behind a thick cigarette odor.   The home also had glossy oil paint on the walls, trim, doors and cabinets, making it very difficult to re-paint without the need for copious hours of prep work.  The main concern when painting over shiny, aged alkyd / oil paint is that it is challenging to get anything to adhere / stick without proper prep.  The Seelys hired us to tackle their project.  Not only did we restore this home’s interior but we also changed their surroundings with new updated colors.

Here is the clients’ feedback:

“They did an excellent job – very professional, thorough, and attentive to our needs.  They finished the job exactly when they estimated they would, and the final product was better than I could have imagined.  Thank you!”

– Steve Seely

What did it take to get this done the right way?

✅ Masked all surfaces to prevent overspray and drips
✅ Sanded all surfaces to de-gloss for adhesion  
✅ Cleaned all surfaces to remove any possible contaminants and dust
✅ Sprayed Oil Bonding / Odor Blocking primer on all surfaces
✅ Caulked all gaps and cracks
✅ Repaired all nail pops, cracks and holes
✅ Sprayed 2 coats on all trim, doors and cabinets using Benjamin Moore Satin Advance
✅ Hand painted 2 coats on all walls and ceilings using Benjamin Moore Regal
✅ Thorough clean up and disposal of all garbage
✅ Final inspection with clients making sure all was 100% in line with their expectations – as promised!

Click photos to enlarge

Brian Kemnitz — Owner

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First Exterior of 2020!

It’s sure great to be outside in the fresh air…

The Neufeld’s home in Portland was in need of a good cleaning, lots of caulking and fresh new paint colors.

We had 3 of our finest craftsmen along with an awesome new addition to our team:
-Craig,10+ years with Pearl
-Ryan, 3+ years with Pearl
-Noah, 2+ years with Pearl
-Liane — New and Rockin’ it!

Our team was able to successfully navigate this week’s rain and take this project over the finish line making another client very happy!

Check out the project photos below.
Click to enlarge.

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Brian Kemnitz, Pearl Painters — Owner