Front door that makes a statement!

We have completed many projects in this Bull Mountain home in Tigard. For this round we returned to paint the inside of the front door.

The glass on the front door was replaced leaving behind exposed screw heads. This presented a challenge as the client wanted to paint the door in a glossy black finish and NOT see where each screw head was once painted. The common method for dealing with this issue is the insertion of factory plastic screw plugs, but the client didn’t want common…they wanted it to be flawless. To obtain this look, we used Bondo. After several passes using this filler (and lots of sanding) we had a smooth, seamless surface that would disappear once painted.

Photo of Front door that makes a statement! in Portland, Oregon

Craig is a master level painter, he makes it look so easy!
Watch as he quickly converts this door from “standard” to “stunning”.

This was a simple 1 day project. Here are some before, during and after pics.
Click to enlarge.

Photo of Front door that makes a statement! in Portland, Oregon

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