Meet The Owner Of Pearl Painters: Brian Kemnitz

Brian has been involved in the client service industry since he was 17 years old when he ran a service business with his father. His greatest lesson learned was “deliver what you promise” to your clients, no matter what.

After that first experience with client service, Brian, along with Eric Doebele founded a company with the sole focus of providing contractor referrals to homeowners. This was not an easy process…the company screened and assisted contractors with their business by offering training in areas like finance, hiring and time management. The company then followed up with each homeowner to find out their level of satisfaction with the process.

While he was involved with this company, he noted that there were distinct and repetitive complaints about contractors, and painters specifically. They didn’t show up for appointments, or they didn’t show up for the job at all, they didn’t finish the job and they didn’t give the client what they paid for. This didn’t sit well with him. Brian noted that “there is no other job in the world where this level of disinterest or disrespect is acceptable, so let’s change the perception.” And so began Pearl Painters.

Brian started the business and built a reputation as a high touch company for interior and exterior painting. He then became interested in the specialty finish side of the business. He found that there were so many great finishes waiting to be discovered and there is a great sense of satisfaction in the artistic side of the painting business. At this point he hired two amazing artists and began to scratch the surface of a whole new world of offerings for Pearl Painters’ clients. The Pearl Painters design showroom was built where new ideas and concepts are displayed.Brian has high expectations for himself, his employees and his company. He insists that each employee adhere to the following principals:

“Respect the individual – This applies to your peers, your supervisors, your clients and anyone that you might meet when representing Pearl Painters. Always your best – How can I improve and make it better? Deliver what you promise – Do what you say you are going to do.”