Cabinets and handrail project in SW Portland

These cabinets and handrails were tired after 20+ years of use. Heavy cooking grease, numerous dents and a failing finish created a challenge that we were happy to accept.  As well, the client was ready for a totally different look that would brighten up the space.

What did we do?
✔️De-greasing – lots of scrubbing
✔️Oil Primer
✔️Filler work on all the dents and dings — That’s all the red spots!
✔️More primer post filler / sanding
✔️2 Finish coats masterfully sprayed out with a hard enamel top coat

The results: Click to enlarge photos >>>

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Cabinet painting and more in Sherwood.

Google Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Here’s what the client had to say:

“We hired Pearl Painters after a recommendation from our flooring people. Since we were in the process of putting in new flooring and then painting cabinets, we wanted top notch pros to handle it. Brian was great in his attentiveness to what we wanted and Craig was amazing in overseeing a great crew as well as handling the details of painting from stained cabinets to paint. The finished cabinets are beautiful as well as the rest of the interior paint and woodwork. We love the new look. Craig was especially easy to communicate any concerns and followed up promptly. Highly recommend them!”

Jana and John Sears

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Brian Kemnitz – Owner

In a funk? The right color can help!

This client was tired of the cold, clinical feeling of their all white kitchen cabinets.  They knew color was the answer – but what color?

They had many ideas but could not arrive on the perfect hue, so we called in the expert to save the day.

Vanessa Rider at was able to find the perfect color to match their spunky style.

Vanessa also saw a great opportunity to liven up their space by changing out the drab gray accent wall in their entry with a warm glowing color.

We are loving this look and so is the homeowner!

What do you think?

Need help choosing the perfect color?

We got you!

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Vanessa Rider — Color Moxie

Handrail project in Sherwood

This week we re-finished tired oak hand rails for a client in Sherwood. They just purchased this home and will be taking on most of the painting themselves but they did not want to tackle this difficult handrail project, so they hired us!

We used a teak colored stain that will ultimately match the upcoming floor refinish.

As well we prepped and re-painted the white balusters and trim boards with a tough enamel coating that will last for years.

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Brian Kemnitz — Owner

NW Portland Stain Project

As I look outside right now and see the rain flying, I’m already missing summer… LOL

I wanted to share a recent project that we just finished for a client in Northwest Portland. What a great home, view and project! And the owners were wonderful too ?

This home was in good condition, but to preserve wood shingles you really want to stay on top of things before they weather and discolor.  If neglected, a big project like this can turn into a monster. We were hired to clean and treat the mildew and put a fresh coat of oil stain on the whole home. Now it’s ready for the harsh weather that winter will bring.

During our initial inspection a conversation came up about caulking the windows. It turns out that they were never sealed up as specified by the window manufacturer. After several cases of elastomeric / urethane sealant, the windows are now waterproofed.

You will also note in the “After” pics, we changed the look by adding black painted window trim. This was something that I pushed for and the homeowners are thrilled with. What do you think?

Click Photos to enlarge:

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Concrete Coatings

If your family is anything like mine, when Covid -19 hit we suddenly had a lot of time on our hands.  We cleaned out years worth of clutter in a storage room, converted an unused bedroom into an office for my wife and I indulged in a total garage makeover — new cabinets, new wall and ceiling paint, installed baseboards and the Crown Jewel…a spectacular concrete coating.  Being a painter, I considered doing the floor painting myself.  After much research, the prep work necessary, equipment requirements and incredibly poor materials that are available to the DIY’er, I decided it made sense to leave this one to the pros.  I did my research and found a company that specialized in concrete coatings only.  They use a paint system that’s 100% Polyurea NOT epoxy.  This Polyurea coating is the absolute best on the market and is 4 times stronger than epoxy paint.  The whole thing was completely installed in just 1 day and comes with an unheard of 15 year warranty!

So, after many great conversations about this treatment, and getting to experience their work first hand at our own home, I decided to approach them to see if we could partner up.  I’m proud to announce that, in conjunction with Webfoot Concrete Coatings, Pearl Painters now offers these amazing finishes for any concrete surface. 

This includes:
?Garage floors
?Outdoor patios
?Pool decks
?Commercial applications and more!

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Lake Oswego Re-Paint

This is a home that we painted in 2008.  The clients were so happy with the results with our work from over 10 years ago, that they decided to hire us again.  Although their home’s exterior was still in exceptionally good shape, the paint and caulking was starting to fail in the high exposure areas revealing bare wood.  To avoid costly dry rot repairs and excessive prep work, they elected to stay on top of the maintenance and went for a full re-paint this summer.

Here’s what we did:

✅ Cleaned all surfaces of dirt, pollen and mildew
✅ Masked and covered adjacent surfaces
✅ Scraped and sanded all loose and peeling paint
✅ Primed all bare wood
✅ Removed fixtures and house numbers
✅ Sprayed and back rolled 2 coats of Miller Acri-Lite in a rich Satin finish
✅ Meticulously detailed all the trim with 2 coats of Miller Acri-Lite in a Semi gloss finish
✅ Cleaned up and completed a full inspection with the client making sure no loose ends were left behind
✅ End result — Another happy client!

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Re-Paint in Oregon City

When paint is over 10 years old, it is no surprise to find fading, bare wood, failed caulking and peeling. That’s why this client from Oregon City called us!

Since their cedar shingles, trim and doors were ready for a re-do they also opted to have all their black metal railings, fences, and entrance gate re-finished. 

What did we do?
✔️Pressure washed all surfaces
✔️Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint
✔️Replace failed caulking
✔️Masked adjacent surfaces – No overspray or drips!
✔️Meticulously applied Paint and Primer to the shingles, trim, doors and metal railings / gates
✔️Thorough clean up
✔️Inspected work with client, ensuring complete satisfaction

Click Photos To Enlarge

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Modern Home Re-Paint, NW Portland

The Beldin’s home had faded and peeling paint, cracked caulking and was ready for an overall refresh. They also wanted to update the color palate to emphasize the unique features of their beautiful NW Portland Contemporary home.

What did we do?

✅Pressure washed the home removing dirt and mildew
✅Masked to prevent overspray
✅Caulked all failing joints to prevent wood rot
✅Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint
✅Primed all bare wood and knots
✅Painted all surfaces with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Aura
✅Refinished the wood front door with Zar Oil Clear Varnish
✅Thorough clean up
✅Final inspection involving the client, leaving no loose ends!

Brian Kemnitz — Owner

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Deck Restoration in NW Portland

Cindy’s Mahogany deck needed a full restoration.  Her deck had lots of uneven worn areas.  We started by cleaning the deck to remove any mildew, dirt and dust.  We then gave it a chance to dry and returned to do a full sand, removing the uneven old finish.  We used aggressive 60 grit sandpaper not only to remove the finish, but also to open up the pores of the wood so that it would accept the stain. We made quick work of this large task with the help of Festool sanders connected to a HEPA -Vac system 

To avoid a blotchy, uneven result it’s critical that the sanding dust is not ground into the wood grain.  This dust, when not properly dealt with, can actually seal up the pores thus preventing stain penetration into the wood fibers. (Thank you Festool for making such quality tools!)  Once the sanding was done we hand applied Sikkens Oil Stain making sure to remove any stain that did not fully soak in.

We also took this opportunity to do a maintenance coat of clear oil varnish on the garage doors keeping them looking brand new.

As you can see, the final results are stunning.  It makes our team proud to have another happy client! ?

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