Front door that makes a statement!

We have completed many projects in this Bull Mountain home in Tigard. For this round we returned to paint the inside of the front door.

The glass on the front door was replaced leaving behind exposed screw heads. This presented a challenge as the client wanted to paint the door in a glossy black finish and NOT see where each screw head was once painted. The common method for dealing with this issue is the insertion of factory plastic screw plugs, but the client didn’t want common…they wanted it to be flawless. To obtain this look, we used Bondo. After several passes using this filler (and lots of sanding) we had a smooth, seamless surface that would disappear once painted.

Craig is a master level painter, he makes it look so easy!
Watch as he quickly converts this door from “standard” to “stunning”.

This was a simple 1 day project. Here are some before, during and after pics.
Click to enlarge.

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Introducing the Pearl Painters Referral Program.

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Exterior painting✔️
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Whole home repaint in Tualatin.

This week, we did another full repaint and it was for a client in Tualatin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper recently completed a remodel, adding in new floors and trim. They had a mixture of both old and new surfaces that needed fresh paint and new colors.  That’s where our team came in.

We started by masking / protecting all adjacent surfaces, then lots of filling, sanding, caulking and priming before we sprayed out a durable hard enamel finish from Benjamin Moore called Advance. Advance enamel was used on the trim, doors and stair railings.  From there we painted out the walls and ceilings in rich colors from Benjamin Moore, that were selected by Vanessa Rider @Color Moxie.

Vanessa Rider – Queen of Shades (seriously, she is passionate about getting the right color!)

We think the final results are stunning and the client is very happy too. Here he is standing in his awesome new Foyer!  What do you think?

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Wall repairs & whole home repaint project in Beaverton.

The Brandon’s recently purchased a home in Beaverton and the walls had numerous holes, cracks and nail pops as well as scars from poor attempts at previous patching jobs. The Brandon’s knew they wanted all new colors in the home, but realized there was much wall prep to do! After searching the web and reading our many Google Reviews, they hired us to tackle their project.

The challenges were #1 complete the repairs so the blemishes didn’t come back, and #2 do it in a way that they weren’t visible once the new paint was on.

Nail pops and cracks can be tricky. If not repaired properly they will create spots that you can’t “unsee” and they will return in a matter of weeks. The first step was an examination of each repair to see if there was wall flex / movement by applying pressure to the area around each issue. In the areas where we found movement, we used additional dry wall screws to stop the wall flex. We then removed the loose material, filled with spackle using fiberglass mesh tape as needed, sanded smooth, applied orange peel texture, spot primed and then finally, we were ready to paint! As always, 95% of the solution is in the prep.

End result – like it never happened… brand new looking walls and beautiful new paint colors.

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Too Wet To Paint?

Ever wonder if it’s too wet to paint your home or stain your deck? The human hand cannot detect moisture until you start getting into the 30% plus range.

Unfortunately, the safe range when applying water-based coatings in most cases is 15% or less and when using oil stains, it ranges between 10% and 12% or less. Each paint and stain line have its own data sheet that specifically states the max moisture level allowed.

If you apply a coating when the substrate is too wet, you can have adhesion issues. If this happens expect a costly bill to have this failing coating removed before you can proceed forward with a new layer.

To avoid losing your warranty from the paint manufacture, it’s always best to check for moisture hold using an electronic meter before you paint!

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Garage Door Restoration

When we arrived these wood garage doors were very weathered and discolored our goal was to restore them to their former glory….

We started by removing all the metal hardware, masked adjacent surfaces to prevent damage and then applied multiple layers of Jasco chemical stripper. Once the old finish was removed we sanded out all discolorations and water stains.

Then we hand applied 3 layers (sanding between each coat to ensure a smooth finish) of Sikkens Oil window and Door finish in a stain sheen. We also painted out the trim with Benjamin Moore, Semi-Gloss Aura to make everything like new again.

This was a time consuming process, my team did a top notch job logging over 80 man hours from start to finish. They now look like new and the client could not be more thrilled!

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Failing paint… Here’s what to do…

Ever wonder why paint doesn’t always stick even know the best and most expensive paint you could find was used?

The paint on this door is one of the best… Benjamin Moore Advance. So why is it failing?

The answer is prep, well “lack of prep”

As you can see the old finish is still glossy. It’s imperative that a substrate be dull and clean prior to refinishing and best practice is to apply a bonding primer 1st.

One way to tackle a project like this is to sand with 220 grit sandpaper, clean with denatured alcohol to remove grease then apply a coat of Zinsser Oil Cover Stain bonding primer to ensure maximum adhesion / bond. This will create sound substrate / foundation for your finish coats.

Unfortunately the last “Pro” (LOL) painter did not follow any of these steps and now it all has to be removed… what a mess and costly mistake!

It’s amazing how often I see this type of coating failure.

This same concept especially applies to high use surfaces in your home such as hand rails and cabinets. Don’t let this happen to you…

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