Charming home in Portland gets a makeover with its exterior paint job.

Before 3 (1)

This charming home in Portland got a complete makeover with its fresh exterior paint job. How did our team bring this project to life? And check out that after photo! Wow what a difference.

✔️Pressure washed all surfaces
✔️Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint
✔️Replace failed caulking
✔️Masked adjacent surfaces – No overspray or drips!
✔️Meticulously applied Paint and Primer to the trim and doors.

✔️Thorough clean up
✔️Inspected work with client, ensuring complete satisfaction

End result another happy client!

How can Pearl Painters restore the life and look you want to your home? Call us to get your estimate on your next painting project 503 579 3765.

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