Cigarette Smoke & Glossy Oil

Chris and Steve Seely recently purchased a home in Southwest Portland.  The previous owner was a smoker, leaving behind a thick cigarette odor.   The home also had glossy oil paint on the walls, trim, doors and cabinets, making it very difficult to re-paint without the need for copious hours of prep work.  The main concern when painting over shiny, aged alkyd / oil paint is that it is challenging to get anything to adhere / stick without proper prep.  The Seelys hired us to tackle their project.  Not only did we restore this home’s interior but we also changed their surroundings with new updated colors.

Here is the clients’ feedback:

“They did an excellent job – very professional, thorough, and attentive to our needs.  They finished the job exactly when they estimated they would, and the final product was better than I could have imagined.  Thank you!”

– Steve Seely

What did it take to get this done the right way?

✅ Masked all surfaces to prevent overspray and drips
✅ Sanded all surfaces to de-gloss for adhesion  
✅ Cleaned all surfaces to remove any possible contaminants and dust
✅ Sprayed Oil Bonding / Odor Blocking primer on all surfaces
✅ Caulked all gaps and cracks
✅ Repaired all nail pops, cracks and holes
✅ Sprayed 2 coats on all trim, doors and cabinets using Benjamin Moore Satin Advance
✅ Hand painted 2 coats on all walls and ceilings using Benjamin Moore Regal
✅ Thorough clean up and disposal of all garbage
✅ Final inspection with clients making sure all was 100% in line with their expectations – as promised!

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Photo of Cigarette Smoke & Glossy Oil in Portland, Oregon
Brian Kemnitz — Owner

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