Deck Restoration in NW Portland

Cindy’s Mahogany deck needed a full restoration.  Her deck had lots of uneven worn areas.  We started by cleaning the deck to remove any mildew, dirt and dust.  We then gave it a chance to dry and returned to do a full sand, removing the uneven old finish.  We used aggressive 60 grit sandpaper not only to remove the finish, but also to open up the pores of the wood so that it would accept the stain. We made quick work of this large task with the help of Festool sanders connected to a HEPA -Vac system 

To avoid a blotchy, uneven result it’s critical that the sanding dust is not ground into the wood grain.  This dust, when not properly dealt with, can actually seal up the pores thus preventing stain penetration into the wood fibers. (Thank you Festool for making such quality tools!)  Once the sanding was done we hand applied Sikkens Oil Stain making sure to remove any stain that did not fully soak in.

We also took this opportunity to do a maintenance coat of clear oil varnish on the garage doors keeping them looking brand new.

As you can see, the final results are stunning.  It makes our team proud to have another happy client! ?

Photo of Deck Restoration in NW Portland in Portland, Oregon

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