Failing paint… Here’s what to do…

Failing Paint

Ever wonder why paint doesn’t always stick even know the best and most expensive paint you could find was used?

The paint on this door is one of the best… Benjamin Moore Advance. So why is it failing?

The answer is prep, well “lack of prep”

As you can see the old finish is still glossy. It’s imperative that a substrate be dull and clean prior to refinishing and best practice is to apply a bonding primer 1st.

One way to tackle a project like this is to sand with 220 grit sandpaper, clean with denatured alcohol to remove grease then apply a coat of Zinsser Oil Cover Stain bonding primer to ensure maximum adhesion / bond. This will create sound substrate / foundation for your finish coats.

Unfortunately the last “Pro” (LOL) painter did not follow any of these steps and now it all has to be removed… what a mess and costly mistake!

It’s amazing how often I see this type of coating failure.

This same concept especially applies to high use surfaces in your home such as hand rails and cabinets. Don’t let this happen to you…

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