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Why hire Pearl Painters?

✅ Upfront Honest Pricing

Brian Kemnitz will meet with you and create a crystal clear scope of work and provide you with an accurate fixed price that won’t change. You can expect NO surprise costs at the end of the job.

✅ 5 Year No Hassle Warranty

Since 2001 we have been standing behind our work. You can expect a beautiful paint job that will protect your home and last. 

✅ On Time and On Schedule

Have a deadline to hit?  You can count on us.  We deliver what we promise. 

✅ You Don't Pay Until We are Done

At the end of your project you will get a thorough opportunity to inspect and approve the work.  We don’t ask for payment until all touch ups and work is 100% complete. 

✅ We Are Legal

ORCCB # 164514, Workers Compensation Insurance & Fully Bonded. 

Rest easy knowing that if we are injured on your property or cause damage to your home it won’t become your nightmare.

✅ Skilled Craftsmen

Our employees are competent, trained and ready to offer great customer service. You can expect a hassle free experience from Craftsmen that you don’t have to babysit. 

Brian Kemnitz — Owner & Operator

I will personally meet with you to walk your interior house painting project, agree on scope of work and document it in a way that ensures you get exactly what you want. Clear and timely communication is the foundation of our success. Call me today to schedule a quote. Or fill out our online form here.

"The house looks beautiful and we have gotten a lot of compliments on it. We would not hesitate to use Pearl Painters for any future interior or exterior painting."
Roger Gray
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"I love Pearl Painters because they understand the value of good communication, they care about doing high-quality work, and their approach leaves me feeling confident that I know what I'm getting."
Jonathan Daugherty
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"They were pleasant, patient, helpful, and eager to ensure our satisfaction. Brian's video recording of the work to be done was extremely helpful and kept everyone on the same page in terms of scope of work, down to the smallest detail. My highest recommendation!"
R Owens
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"Brian, Craig and the rest of the crew were fantastic. We were constantly being updated with the schedule through out the job. They were courteous, clean, punctual and precise in everything they did - especially the paint job! We highly recommend them for inside and out."  
Mike and Janice Shainsky
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licensed — bonded — insured — CCB #164514

Call Brian to get your painting quote today!

call brian kemnitz, owner / estimator TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT now!

Steps To a Great Interior Paint Job

Surface Protection – Tape, paper, plastic, floor paper, ram board & canvas drop cloths that are plastic lined (spill proof).  Your carpet, wood floors, counter tops, tile and furniture etc. will be protected.  Our niche is re-paints on occupied homes.  We know how to work around your personal possessions & finished surfaces to ensure no damage occurs.  We will carefully move your furniture, cover & protect all adjacent surfaces. You can expect a clean organized job site from start to finish. No damage, over-spray or drips here.

Cleaning – Hand washing using bio degradable cleaners is a must to remove dirt, grease, food & grim from surfaces like walls, trim, doors, hand rails & cabinets. If surfaces are not clean your paint will not stick.

Removal / Re-Install –  Light fixtures, towel bars, outlet covers, switch plates, vents, door knobs, hinges, cabinet hardware etc.  No sloppy work here, all items like this will be removed or masked to ensure professional results

Sanding – We have invested heavily in the Festool sanding system with Hepa Vac filtration to reduce dust / cleanup.  Glossy surfaces like trim, doors, hand rails and cabinets must be sanded and cleaned prior to primer and paint application.  This ensures coating adhesion and a smooth even finish that looks great and will last.  

Primer –  Oil based stain and smell blocking and water based Eco friendly primers.  We know which primer to use and when.  Expect the right primer to be used so the paint can do it’s job of protecting your home.

✅ Fillers –  Urethane elastomeric caulk, spackle, spray texture, wood filler and bondo are some of the products we use.  Cracks, gaps, dings, holes, gouges and nail pops.  We’ll make these flaws disappear and your home will look like new again

✅ Wall and Ceiling Painting – Want strait lines?  Lines that are mechanically straight?  We can do that.  Ultra high contrast colors next to white trim, if this is not done right you won’t be happy. We will leave you amazed with our craftsmanship.   

Trim, Doors, Hand Rails & Cabinets. -We offer fine finish hand painting and spraying.  Want an even smooth finish that is easy to clean and ultra durable?  We have honed our application techniques, invested in the best equipment and tested many different paint lines.  We know what you use, when and how.  Our craftsmen will make you smile! 

✅ Clean up –  All garbage goes with us, left over paint is stays with you.  All surfaces will be clean and free of paint chips, dust and debris.  Lines will be sharp and there will be no over-spray, drips or spills left behind.

✅ Final Inspection Process – You won’t hear “we are done”, but you will hear “we are ready for inspection”.  You will get the chance to inspect and approve all work before we leave your home.  And best of all, we don’t ask for final payment until all work is 100% finished and you are happy! 


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