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How We Handled Each Challenge and Concern During this Wilsonville Interior Project

Every client holds a special place in our hearts, but there’s something truly special about being chosen through a direct referral. It speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction we’ve cultivated over the years. Our goal with every project is more than delivering an impeccable paint job; we aim to create a memorable experience that inspires you to share the results with friends and family.

Before we get into the details, we can’t wait to share the review that the customer shared regarding this project.

A group of people standing in a Wilsonville home hallway holding a sign.

“We just had Pearl Painters paint almost the entire interior of our house as well as our ceilings. Their work was outstanding! The preparation was meticulous. They fixed dings, small holes, scrapes, etc. and made the walls look fresh and new. The painting team — Traynor, Ed and Jeff — are exceptional craftsmen as well as polite, careful, neat, and genuinely nice people. The bid was detailed and the communication was excellent. The work met our expectations and then some and we will definitely call on them for future painting needs.”

Jan L.

Thank you for the wonderful review, Jan!

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When she and her husband reached out to us to paint their Wilsonville home’s interior after a family member referred us, we were very pleased and happy to help. Their interior painting request included the kitchen, living room, entryway, hallway, and other common areas of the home that were are covered in an outdated neutral shade of paint. 

Beyond the project itself though, they had valid concerns, which were likely based upon past negative experiences.

Common Concerns with Interior Painting Projects

This family expressed three concerns that we often hear before an interior painting project.

Concern 1: Disruption

Every family has their daily routines. Disruption to those routines is one reason families put off getting painting (or any big projects) scheduled in the first place. Plus, the fear of furniture or flooring getting damaged, and the mess in general, can be hugely disruptive. Many families feel like there is an invasion of privacy as well. All of these feelings are completely warranted and we have tons of experience alleviating these fears.

We ensure that every square inch of exposed flooring, furniture, and other exposed areas are fully protected. So you never need to worry about damage when our team is in your home.

As for routines and privacy, this varies from home to home – since the definition of routines and privacy vary from home to home. We have in-depth conversations about the specific concerns and accommodate them as much as is possible.

Two men are painting a room in a Wilsonville home.
We protect every surface, piece of furniture, and flooring that could be inadvertently touched by paint.

Concern 2: Communication

Unfortunately, most of us have first hand experience with poor communication during a project. And when it’s in the middle of a huge project like full interior painting, communication is a big deal. You want to know when the painters are arriving, who they are, how long they’ll be there, the length of the project, etc.

With Pearl Painters, you never need to worry about communication. Once we have an agreement in place, you don’t need to initiate anything. We take care of all the communication, likely going above and beyond any other contractor you’ve worked with before.

Concern 3: Attention to Detail

There really is no way for us to prove how adept we are at details until you see us at work, or you witness the final results. We have a 33-step process for walls and ceilings alone, ensuring consistency and excellence.

With this family, handling all the details was essential. There were a ton of dings, water stains, and damaged areas from less-than-ideal previous repairs. On top of all that was outdated paint that darkened their home. Before choosing us, they really wanted to make sure that all of those blemishes would be covered with beautiful new paint. And like the other concerns, we convinced them that we were the right team for the job.

The Challenge

Once we alleviated their concerns, it was on to the project itself. We already mentioned the multiple repairs and patches required, which was no big deal for us at all.

A man on a ladder patching the wall in a Wilsonville home.
Multiple holes? No problem!

Wall Preparation

We filled, sanded, smoothed, textured, and primed every single hole, dent, water stained, and damaged area on those walls. Our team was incredibly thorough, making sure that everything would look like new when complete.

Two Hand-Painted Coats

Every home is different and requires a different approach. With this Wilsonville home, we knew that hand painting made the most sense due to the layout of the space. Spraying was not practical, and we knew that hand painting would ensure the best results. One reason for this were the paint finishes used for different areas, such as the space pictured below.

A man is painting the Wilsonville Home.
Pearl Painters, painting by hand

Vaulted Ceilings

The biggest challenge was the vaulted ceiling. Fortunately, we have tackled so many homes just like these and have the equipment and skill needed to take care of it all, that it really wasn’t a difficult challenge at all.

High walls, hard to reach areas, and vaulted ceilings are no biggie for the Pearl Painters crew

This is a beautiful home, and the height of these ceilings certainly contributes to that aesthetic. Since it’s so open, it was important that this family feel joyful and peaceful while inside of it. They chose modern neutral shades for the space, which turned out so beautiful. It really did reignite this couple’s pride in their home.

A Testament to Trust and Quality

This project is an excellent example of how we expertly approach projects before they even begin. Our communication is top-notch from the very start and carries through to the very last moment. We don’t leave the home until you are completely satisfied and we have touched up every tiny spot.

When it comes to your home, it’s so important to find a quality team to partner with. You are the one who lives in your house, and you want to feel pride in your space. We deeply understand that, and that’s why families and homeowners come back to us again and again – and refer us to their neighbors, friends, and family.

Trust us to handle your interior paint job – no matter your concerns, we can handle it. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote for any space inside, or outside, your home.

A group of people standing in a Wilsonville home hallway holding a sign.
Thank you for entrusting us with painting your gorgeous home!

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