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How we helped this Lake Oswego homeowner avoid an $80k kitchen remodel!

This beautiful Lake Oswego home was built in 2006. It hosts a treasure of fantastic features such as this magnificent kitchen. However, after being built 17 years ago, it was time to modernize and brighten this space up. Our homeowner started with new counters and backsplash, but something in the space still felt off. She decided it was due to the abundance of wood from floor to ceiling. This is where the Pearl Painters magic comes in! We were able to save our homeowner a ton of money, time, and mess by repainting her existing cabinets.

How did we save her money? Let us explain the two options our homeowner was left with.

Option one is to do a FULL kitchen remodel (starting from $80k). New appliances, new cabinets and possibly new backsplash. This is a very expensive and wasteful option especially in this case because all her appliances and cabinets are in great, working condition. Hence why she went with option two.

Option two is to paint the existing cabinets (starting at $6k). This not only saves money from having to replace everything but also a lot of time and mess from construction work.

Look at these stunning before and after shots of the kitchen below. We couldn’t be more proud of the work our team did to deliver on our promise of giving our homeowner her dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel! Nice work Pearl team, you are the real MVPs!

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