Wall repairs & whole home repaint project in Beaverton.


The Brandon’s recently purchased a home in Beaverton and the walls had numerous holes, cracks and nail pops as well as scars from poor attempts at previous patching jobs. The Brandon’s knew they wanted all new colors in the home, but realized there was much wall prep to do! After searching the web and reading our many Google Reviews, they hired us to tackle their project.

The challenges were #1 complete the repairs so the blemishes didn’t come back, and #2 do it in a way that they weren’t visible once the new paint was on.

Nail pops and cracks can be tricky. If not repaired properly they will create spots that you can’t “unsee” and they will return in a matter of weeks. The first step was an examination of each repair to see if there was wall flex / movement by applying pressure to the area around each issue. In the areas where we found movement, we used additional dry wall screws to stop the wall flex. We then removed the loose material, filled with spackle using fiberglass mesh tape as needed, sanded smooth, applied orange peel texture, spot primed and then finally, we were ready to paint! As always, 95% of the solution is in the prep.

End result – like it never happened… brand new looking walls and beautiful new paint colors.

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Brian Kemnitz — Owner

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