Whole home repaint in Tualatin.

Happy Client!

This week, we did another full repaint and it was for a client in Tualatin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper recently completed a remodel, adding in new floors and trim. They had a mixture of both old and new surfaces that needed fresh paint and new colors.  That’s where our team came in.

We started by masking / protecting all adjacent surfaces, then lots of filling, sanding, caulking and priming before we sprayed out a durable hard enamel finish from Benjamin Moore called Advance. Advance enamel was used on the trim, doors and stair railings.  From there we painted out the walls and ceilings in rich colors from Benjamin Moore, that were selected by Vanessa Rider @Color Moxie.

Vanessa Rider – Queen of Shades (seriously, she is passionate about getting the right color!) www.colormoxienw.com

We think the final results are stunning and the client is very happy too. Here he is standing in his awesome new Foyer!  What do you think?

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Brian Kemnitz, Pearl Painters — Owner


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