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The outward appearance of your Lake Oswego residence presents a distinctive reflection of your individual style, leaving an impactful first impression. A freshly painted exterior can transform your home from ordinary to exceptional, conveying your unique identity to both visitors and passers-by.

Is your property in need of a revitalized look? Pearl Painters specializes in enhancing your home’s curb appeal through our exterior painting services. Our skilled team of Lake Oswego house painters can match and reapply your current color to maintain its current aesthetic, or completely reinvent your home’s appearance with entirely new colors.

From Dull to Dazzling: Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Inspecting your home’s existing paint for signs of wear and failure will help you determine whether or not your exterior paint job is in need of an update. Failed paint not only diminishes your home’s visual appeal but also exposes it to the harsh effects of weather and the elements. The longer you wait to address failed paint, the more work-intensive–and expensive–updating your exterior paint may be. Signs of paint failure include:

  • Cracks
  • Bubbles
  • Blisters
  • Fading
  • Peeling

The presence of any of these issues suggests that your home stands to benefit significantly from a high-quality new exterior paint job.

Deck Refinishing Expertise

If your Lake Oswego home’s deck is looking drab, we can help. Pearl Painters will assess your deck’s condition and work thoroughly to clean, prep, and stain your deck to a newly pristine condition.

Are you looking to transform your deck’s appearance? The array of available exterior stain options offer you the opportunity to recreate your outdoor space’s aesthetic. Opt for a solid stain to revitalize aging decks, or choose a semi-transparent oil stain for a fresh look, like the one shown in the pictured deck below.

We can help you transform your deck to beautifully reflect and complement your home’s visual style.


Professional Deck Refinishing & Staining in Portland home
Before and After Images of Deck Cleaned and Stained by Pearl Painters

The Importance of Painting Preparation

Effective preparation is paramount when it comes to exterior house painting. Proper prep work is worth the effort, as it will extend the life of your paint job and is critical to the visual quality of your home’s exterior finish. Typical painting preparation includes the removal of deteriorating paint layers before the application of a fresh coat, ensuring optimal adhesion to the exterior surface. Neglecting this vital step can considerably reduce the lifespan of the newly applied paint. Our meticulous approach to preparatory work includes thorough surface cleaning and the precise removal of any failing paint layers.

Should you harbor doubts about your Lake Oswego home’s paint condition, our team of seasoned exterior home painters is readily available. We encourage you to reach out and schedule a complimentary estimate.

Effective Communication for a Successful Project

At Pearl Painters, our exterior house painting process is marked by efficiency, collaboration, exemplary communication, and transparency. We recognize the value of your time and strive to minimize disruptions to your daily routine. Our team works closely with you to arrange a convenient painting schedule, ensuring you are continually updated on our progress throughout the project.

Robin L.
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I hit the jackpot when I found Pearl Painters. This company came highly recommended by a previous client of theirs. I hired them for interior work, and then again for the entire exterior of my house. They've been everything I hoped for, and more. Pearl Painters is very professional. Brian, the owner, takes great pride in his business, and has an incredible work ethic. He believes in doing nothing but excellent work, and making sure the client feels the same. It is Pearl Painters' policy to stay on the property until a walk through is done along with, and passed by, the client. Brian has been in The Biz for 20+ years and it shows. The vast knowledge of his trade is apparent after only a few minutes of talking with him. The website( takes great care in walking the consumer through the process of finding and hiring a quality painter. In addition to the high quality work, Pearl Painters put me in touch with a color consultant to choose exterior color/details, and a contractor to address some dry rot. Pearl Painters is the epitome of what every painting company should be. I would hire them a 3rd time without question, and with great confidence recommend them to anyone else. I am so grateful to have had this really positive experience.
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I am very happy with the work that was completed by Pearl Painters and I would highly recommend them!! I installed new fiber cement siding and had the Pearl Painters caulk and paint when I was finished. They were thorough and completed the project to my liking. As this was the final step to all the work I had already done I was a little nervous but I could not be more thrilled with the finished product! The team communicated with me throughout the project and worked with me to make sure I was happy. It was an expensive final step but I think it was worth it. They left the area clean and our house looks amazing. I will definitely be contacting them again in the future if I need professional painting performed!
Amy G.
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We used Pearl Painters for our exterior home painting. From the initial visit to the final inspection, they went above and beyond. They're very organized and their expertise shows in their work. We're so happy with our completed project and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Making Your Vision a Reality

Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service extends well beyond our expertise in the world of painting. The homes we paint in Lake Oswego often feature distinctive and personalized elements, requiring a keen understanding of your ultimate vision for your home’s visual appeal. We embrace collaboration, eager to hear your ideas for your home’s exterior while offering seasoned advice that aligns with your budget.

From the very first consultation to the final walkthrough of your project, we’re your guides throughout the painting journey. Our team keeps you well-informed about our painters’ schedule and the progress made, and we remain readily accessible to address any inquiries or concerns that may arise.

We’re committed to your satisfaction, and that dedication shows in the results of each exterior painting project we complete.

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