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Lake Oswego Re-Paint

This is a home that we painted in 2008.  The clients were so happy with the results with our work from over 10 years ago, that they decided to hire us again.  Although their home’s exterior was still in exceptionally good shape, the paint and caulking was starting to fail in the high exposure areas revealing bare wood.  To avoid costly dry rot repairs and excessive prep work, they elected to stay on top of the maintenance and went for a full re-paint this summer.

Here’s what we did:

✅ Cleaned all surfaces of dirt, pollen and mildew
✅ Masked and covered adjacent surfaces
✅ Scraped and sanded all loose and peeling paint
✅ Primed all bare wood
✅ Removed fixtures and house numbers
✅ Sprayed and back rolled 2 coats of Miller Acri-Lite in a rich Satin finish
✅ Meticulously detailed all the trim with 2 coats of Miller Acri-Lite in a Semi gloss finish
✅ Cleaned up and completed a full inspection with the client making sure no loose ends were left behind
✅ End result — Another happy client!

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