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Dream team of Colormoxie and Pearl Painters creates outstanding Lake Oswego home makeover

Every project our team does our Account Manager does a follow-up to ensure the 5-star service and satisfaction of each customer. Our Account Manager was beyond thrilled when she received this email back regarding one of our recent projects. Not only did the customer rave about their experience with Pearl Painters but their experience with the incredibly talented Vanessa Rider, owner of Colormoxie. See what Vanessa has to say below on how she created this vision and then see what the customer had to say about their experience with this dream team of Pearl Painters and Colormoxie.

A home in the woods with a fence and trees.

Vanessa how did you come up with this beautiful transformation?  

“Often when rolling up to an exterior color consultation I get an immediate vision of how I would transform the home if given complete creative license. This was no exception- when I saw this stately home cloaked in somber, heavy earth-tones and stone, I immediately pictured taking it the opposite direction, to being bright, charming and welcoming like the family that lives in it. Homeowner Ally was totally open to my suggestion. I showed her some example photos of white homes with grayed-taupe trim and she lit up, saying “Yes! I love it!”

Our main obstacle in achieving this look was the heavy gray stone that felt like something on a mountain lodge. Enter RomaBio Classico Limewash, my favorite way to inoculate bossy-colored stone. We decided on a semi-sheer application which the Pearl team applied beautifully. The stone still looks like stone, but softer and in more of a cottage vs lodge way. It grounds the white body without weighing it down.

The home’s other fixed element is the window vinyl- which luckily is a perfect taupe for this look. It took a bit of finessing but I visually color matched the vinyl so that the trim and windows integrate as one. The taupe is the perfect soft contrast for the warm white, defining the architecture without overwhelming it.

I love working with and referring Pearl Painters because I know they will perfectly execute the paint job, regardless of difficulty. For this project limewashing the stone chimney and above the entry was no easy task. Any overspray would look terrible on the roof and they took great care to make sure that didn’t happen.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with skilled craftsman and pure joy to help homeowners fall head over heels for their newly painted home.”Vanessa Rider

All of us at Pearl Painters want to say a huge thank you Vanessa. We truly feel so honored to work with you and the trust you have in our team to bring your talented visions to life! 

What did the email say about their experience of working with Colormoxie and Pearl Painters?

“Incredibly happy with the results.  The entire process was seamless.  Brian’s attention to detail is world class.  The entire Team who worked on the house were “best in class”, extremely helpful and professional. Having Vanessa guiding us along was extremely helpful especially suggesting we do the limewash on the stone was a game changer! I would recommend Pearl Painters to anyone who wants the painting job done correctly and would meet anyone’s high expectations.” – Paul and Ally Tropio

What project are you stuck on around your home but need some additional expertise on? Contact Vanessa owner of Colormoxie for color consulting 503 422 0868 and for your painting project estimate contact Pearl Painters 503 579 3765.


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  1. What a change! The house looked dreary, almost like a haunted house. It certainly was not a welcoming home. Completely changing the colors to a White House ( the spell checker will not change the capital w and brown)) with a brown trim has changed a dreary house to one the not only stands out but also shows off the beauty of the trees. Well done.

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