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Cabinet and Kitchen Makeover in the Bull Mountain neighborhood of Tigard, Oregon

We recently completed a cabinet painting project for our clients Brian and Cathy in the Bull Mountain neighborhood of Tigard, Oregon. They were faced with the challenge of too much wood between the floors and the cabinets, creating a dated look that didn’t match their new countertops and flooring.

Having previously worked with us, Brian and Cathy trusted our expertise to transform their kitchen. Our solution involved helping them select the perfect color to complement their new countertops and flooring, followed by a meticulous process that included masking, sanding, priming, caulking, and expertly spraying the cabinets with a durable enamel paint.

The result? Their kitchen now looks up-to-date and inviting, giving them the perfect setting to host dinner parties with friends. Without this project, they would have been stuck with a dated kitchen that could negatively impact their home’s resale value and their overall enjoyment of the space. We’re thrilled to have helped Brian and Cathy achieve their desired kitchen transformation!


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