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Stunning West Linn Kitchen Makeover without a Major Remodel

Exciting news from West Linn Our talented team of cabinet painters just completed Erin and Bill’s kitchen transformation, with a bright new paint! 

Our Client’s Goal: A fresh new kitchen without a complete remodel.  

The problem: The older aesthetic no longer matched their vision but they did not want to part with their well-built cabinets. Thanks to Marilyn Wright at Precision Countertops, not only did they get great new countertops she also introduced her clients to us.

What made them choose us to be their painter: According to Erin & Bill, the right fit was evident from the start. Competitive pricing, clear communication, and a genuine feeling of trust – that’s what set Pearl Painters apart.

Our solution: A meticulous process, ensuring the older natural wood cabinets transitioned seamlessly to a paintable surface. The result? Two coats of a durable enamel finish, creating a stunning transformation.

The basic process. Involved sanding, wiping everything down, oil priming, and expertly applying finish coats to all cabinetry. The outcome? A home that Erin & Bill couldn’t be happier with – a significant improvement that perfectly complements their new countertops.

Imagine if they hadn’t taken this step: Erin & Bill were committed to the upgrade; it was just a matter of choosing the right team. We are grateful they chose Pearl Painters and Precision Countertops!

Interested in new countertops or backsplash? Learn more about Marilyn and get in contact with her here:

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