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Meticulous Cabinet Painting Project Completed in the Rock Creek / Bethany Neighborhood

Just wrapped up a meticulous interior painting project at 15246 NW Francesca Dr, Portland, OR 97229. Our client, Darryl, from the Rock Creek/Bethany neighborhood, had a specific issue: the cabinets under the sink had extensive swelling damage. Beyond a simple paint job, he needed a timely solution, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner!

The rest of Darryl’s cabinets were in excellent condition, and he wanted this damaged section restored to match the rest of the kitchen. What caused the damage? He had MDF cabinet doors & drawers, which are very susceptible to water damage. As soon as they get water swelling, there is no going back! No amount of sanding and prep will ever truly get them back to the original look.

We sent Darryl over to Jacob at Restoration Cabinetry & Design, who specializes in refacing, but was able to help out picking the perfect new doors. Jacob worked his magic, installing brand new wood cabinet doors & drawers to match the rest of the cabinet set in the kitchen for our awesome crew at Pearl to prep and paint.

Our solution involved a meticulous process, including sanding, cleaning, oil priming, and applying two coats of a hard enamel finish color-matched precisely to the kitchen. The transformation was thorough and seamless.

The result? Darryl now enjoys the satisfaction of seeing his cabinets freshly painted and restored to their former glory. For him, it’s a relief to have everything back to how it should be.

We’re grateful for the trust Darryl placed in us, and we’re pleased to have collaborated with Restoration Cabinetry & Design to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations. If you ever face a unique painting challenge, know that Pearl Painters is here to bring expertise and craftsmanship to your project.

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship and professionalism of Restoration Cabinetry and Design at to transform or restore your living spaces with unparalleled beauty and sophistication. 

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