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From Dated to Dazzling: Maple Cabinets Refinished in Northwest Portland 

Sara wanted a modern, inviting kitchen that would serve as the central gathering point for her family, but her outdated maple cabinets were badly in need of a refresh. Hoping to transform her kitchen to a space that better resonated with her taste, Sarah reached out to us after a local friend in Portland enthusiastically recommended our cabinet refinishing services.

While we were there, Sara asked us to tackle the bathroom vanity as well. Adding this into the scope of the project was no problem at all.

The Process of Painting Maple Cabinets

After the installation of new countertops, our work in Sara’s home began. First, the team turned Sara’s kitchen and garage into a professional spray booth, working to set the stage for flawless surface preparation and application.

Our process involved thorough degreasing, sanding, and oil priming all cabinet surfaces. This was followed by the application of two coats of the robust, elegant Rodda’s Renaissance enamel finish. Note that we use a variety of products from different manufacturers, and is depends on multiple factors in each particular project.

The video below shows the process of oil priming Sara’s maple cabinets inside the professional spray booth set up in her garage.

A Stunning Final Reveal

Sara chose not to view her cabinets while their transformation was in progress, instead opting to experience the work after it was completed. When Sara saw her newly updated kitchen, her reaction was nothing short of ecstatic. She was thrilled by her cabinets’ revamped aesthetic, and loved the impact their bright new finish had on her home’s kitchen. It was a night and day difference between the old, outdated maple to the modern, white painted kitchen cabinets.





Not only did our team execute a flawless new paint job in Sara’s kitchen, we delivered a revitalized, modern kitchen space perfect for family gatherings. Pearl Painters isn’t just committed to expert painting craftsmanship – we’re dedicated to enhancing living spaces. We work hard to ensure that each corner of a home reflects the personalities and style of those who cherish it.

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