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Charming Beaverton home in Cooper Mountain Neighborhood Got a Stunning Exterior Paint Makeover

Once upon a time in Cooper Mountain, Derek and Maureen stared at their home and thought, “Did we accidentally sign up for a ‘worst paint jobs’ reality show?!” ๐ŸŽจ The brick seemed to be in a never-ending feud with the flaking paint. And the color? Let’s just say, even the 80s called and wanted nothing to do with it.

Their newly installed windows and doors were giving them the silent treatment too, whispering, “Seal us, or you’ll void the warranty!” (And nobody wants moody windows!)

Thankfully, their internet sleuthing (and our fabulous reviews) led them to our doorstep. They felt an instant connection, not just because we’re wizards with paint, but because we actually LISTEN. We donโ€™t just nod and smile; we solve problems.

We introduced them to Vanessa Rider, the Picasso of, to wage peace between the bricks and the paint. Once the colors were brokered, we dived in! A sprinkle of cleaning here, a dash of caulk there, and a generous slathering of top-tier Rodda Cover Coat XL paint (the superhero of northwest paints!).

Now, whenever Derek and Maureen look at their house, they chuckle and say, “From reality show disaster to magazine cover in one paint job!” And those windows and doors? They’re singing our praises. Safe, sealed, and warranty intact. ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ–Œ #HomeSweetHilariouslyPaintedHome

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