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Exterior Paint Project Gives a Fresh Feel to This Portland Home

Located in the serene neighborhood of Gabriel Park in Portland, Oregon, Luanne had been living in her charming home for several years. But as time went by, she began to notice the wear and tear on her house’s exterior. The fading paint, dry rot issues, and failed caulking had started to take a toll on the overall appearance and integrity of her home. It was clear that something needed to be done before more damage occurred.

“I didn’t think it was that bad until we had a handyman do some touch-ups, and the color was so faded that the touch-ups really stood out,” Luanne recalls. “There was also some dry rot issues and lots of failed caulking. We really needed to get it done this summer so no more damage occurred.”

With this realization, Luanne began her quest to find the right team for the job. She turned to the trusty tool, Google, and stumbled upon a painting company that seemed promising.

When asked about what she liked most about the estimate process, Luanne responded, “You clearly knew what you were talking about and were a trustworthy person from the start. You made it all so easy and accommodating even with my busy schedule.”

While she initially had plans to gather multiple quotes, her confidence in this company led her to cancel her other scheduled appointment. Luanne elaborated, “You were the first person I called, and I liked you, and the price was reasonable. You were so helpful and easy to understand.”

One of the key aspects that solidified Luanne’s trust was the team’s professionalism and friendliness. Although she didn’t interact with them much, the owner of the other half of the condos, Marita was more than impressed. “Oh, the team was incredible. I didn’t see them much, but Marita said they were super nice and friendly, and she felt safe having them on-site.”

When asked why she trusted this company with her project, Luanne didn’t hesitate to reply, “Well, exactly what we just talked about. You clearly had my best interest at heart and made the whole process really easy.”

As the painting process unfolded, Luanne was delighted with the results. “It’s beautiful and so professional! I didn’t realize how badly the home needed it. Your team was very responsible, showing up on time and communicating.”

Now, when Luanne pulls into her driveway and gazes upon her freshly painted home, she feels a sense of relief. “I am so glad to have that off my plate and know that I don’t have to worry about the home falling apart anymore.”

Friends and neighbors may be scarce in Gabriel Park, but Luanne is more than happy to spread the word. “Well, we don’t really have neighbors, but I will be sure to tell anyone I know looking for painting work to call you!”

Reflecting on what could have happened if the project had been postponed, Luanne concluded, “We had to. If we put it off another year, I just imagine we would have had worse problems with the siding.”

In the end, Luanne’s journey to transform her home’s exterior proved to be a seamless and satisfying experience. With the right team by her side, she successfully addressed the issues that had been plaguing her home, leaving it not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound.

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