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Exterior Re-Paint in Tigard

Robyn’s home had failed caulking, peeling paint, bare wood and some dry-rot on the trim around the windows.  So she hired us to take on her project. 

Before we started, the first thing we did was get her connected to our rockstar color consultant Vanessa. Vanessa helped her choose house numbers, unique light fixtures and of course, eye catching great new paint colors that are the talk of the neighborhood.  (NO joke I have already fielded 3 calls from neighbors wanting bids, and the common thread was the color selection). 

Now one surface that I really wanted to paint was the brick.  Originally Robyn was opposed to this but as you can see after meeting with Vanessa it got painted.  The next-door neighbor told me she could not believe how good it looked and felt that it should always have been that way.  As well one of the other neighbors that called for a quote said, “I wish I had brick so I could paint it!”

Here’s what we did:

✅ Connected client with a skilled carpenter to repair the bad dry-rotting boards

✅ Connected client with a color consultant to choose the perfect colors and figure out what should be called out as trim, body, accent etc.

✅ Pressure washed using a fungicide to get rid of mildew, dirt and pollen

✅ Let it dry using a moisture meter to confirm we were safe to move forward

✅ Scraped and sanded all loose and peeling paint

✅ Primed all the bare wood so the paint would stick long term

✅ Caulked all failing gaps to prevent moisture intrusion / rot

✅ Primed the brick with a masonry primer to deal with the PH, this ensures the finish coats will stick and perform long term

✅ Sprayed 2 coats of Rodda Cover Coat XL paint on all siding, soffits, shutters, brick and garage doors

✅ Hand painted 2 coats of Rodda Cover Coat XL paint on all trim

✅ Sprayed the front door (using a fine finish dual orifice tip) with 2 coats of Rodda Renaissance enamel finish

✅ Thorough clean up, garbage went with us, left over paint stayed with the client


✅ And a critical final step that really ensured we made our client Robyn happy.  Our whole team  inspected and marked all touch ups with blue tape before we loaded the ladders and equipment and put the paint away.  This is a process that we always follow, where the client gets the full chance (NO RUSH) to thoroughly walk the whole home and inspect and mark anything that they don’t like.  After that double inspection process, we 100% take care of all issues.  As you can see from the photo, we have another happy client!

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