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First Exterior Paint Job of Summer 2023 – Done!

Our painting team is excited to have completed their first exterior paint job of the summer 2023 season. The prep work was crucial to the success of this job, and the team was meticulous in their work. The client was happy with the results and the team is looking forward to the rest of the warm summer days to be working outside. It’s a treat when our summer season is only from May through end of September. Got to make each day count!

What does our process look like to ensure such fabulous results and customer satisfaction? Check out the abbreviated punch list below.

  • Pressure washed all surfaces – remove that dirt and debris.
  • Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint.
  • Replaced failed caulking.
  • Masked adjacent surfaces – No overspray or drips!
  • Meticulously applied primer and paint to the trim and doors.
  • Thorough clean-up.
  • Inspected work with client, ensuring complete satisfaction!


Are you needing your exterior painted? Get in touch with us soon, there are only so many spots for summer 2023 before we will have to book you for summer 2024!

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