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Fresh Transformation in Whitford Neighborhood, Portland OR 97223!

Jan and Dick, from the charming Garden Home – Whitford Neighborhood, faced a dilemma many homeowners can relate to. A decade had passed since their last exterior painting, and the results of time and inferior products were evident. Fading paint, severe sun damage, and a stain on the shingles and front door that had long lost its appeal. Mildew had found a haven under the soffits, and the stonework remained unsealed – posing a threat of internal dryrot and potential mortar cracks. To top it off, the old trim color was mismatched with the stonework, and they craved a change.

It wasn’t just about aesthetics for Jan and Dick, though that was certainly a concern. Their beloved home’s appearance and condition was not making them happy. But where to turn? They were introduced to us by Chris at Koeber’s Interiors. After interviewing other painters, they found many seemed more interested in offering the lowest price than the best quality. Jan and Dick needed professionals – not shortcuts.

With over 20 years in the business and a team boasting a collective experience surpassing a quarter century, Pearl Painters was honored to be their choice. We aren’t just painters; we’re consultants. Together, we navigated the world of colors, ultimately landing on shades that breathed new life into their residence.

Our team meticulously cleaned the surfaces, removed the betraying signs of the old paint, sealed cracks, and then applied the best quality paint to ensure longevity and a premium finish.

Now, when Jan and Dick gaze upon their freshly painted home, the sentiment is clear: they are ecstatic they chose Pearl Painters. If they hadn’t embarked on this project? They’d be facing another year with a deteriorating paint job, a situation they’re now grateful to leave in the past.

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