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Giving This Bull Mountain Home a Vibrant Makeover: A Client’s Journey to Rejuvenating their Tigard Residence

Nestled in the picturesque Bull Mountain neighborhood in Tigard Oregon, a quaint home awaited a much-needed exterior transformation. The home had peeling paint in prominent spots and dry rot around the garage doors, both remnants from a paint job done eight years ago that was just enough to get the home sold. Not only was the exterior an eyesore, but it was also sustaining moisture damage.

Introduction: When the current homeowners first purchased the house, the paint job done by the previous owners was visibly lacking in quality. As time passed, the imperfections became more evident, and the dry rot began to worsen. This left the homeowners with an aesthetic problem that also posed a threat to the structural integrity of the home due to moisture damage.

Finding The Right Help: Our valued clients found us through a simple Google search. They recognized us as the trustworthy company that had previously done an exceptional job on their entryway and some interior work two years ago. Having had a positive experience with us in the past, they decided to get in touch for their exterior painting needs. Although they sought estimates from a couple of other companies, they were disappointed by the vagueness of the competitors’ bids. They chose to come back to us because they knew and trusted our service and appreciated the clarity and comprehensiveness of our estimate.

The Estimate Process: What set our estimate apart from the rest was the meticulous detail it encompassed. We provided a clear contract that precisely outlined the scope of work. Other estimates simply stated, “paint the house,” without mentioning the type or grade of paint to be used. Our bid was unambiguous and made sure to cover everything our client wanted, leaving no room for errors or confusion.

Our Solution: We rolled up our sleeves and embarked on the exterior painting project. Our process included cleaning the surfaces, scraping and sanding peeling paint, priming bare wood, and replacing failed caulking. We took great care to mask areas to prevent overspray. Finally, two coats of top-quality paint were applied to give the exterior the finish it deserved.

Impact On the Homeowners’ Lives: This comprehensive exterior paint job has gifted our client’s peace of mind. They now have the assurance that their home is protected with high-quality paint and workmanship. The transformation has not just elevated the aesthetic appeal but has also secured the home from potential weather-related damage.

Consequences of Inaction: Had the homeowners not taken this vital step, the peeling paint and dry rot would have only escalated over time. This could have led to extensive water damage and structural problems, costing them much more in the long run.

Conclusion: Our clients in this beautiful Bull Mountain neighborhood in Tigard now enjoy a beautifully painted exterior that not only enhances their home’s curb appeal but also safeguards it against the elements. Their trust in our services has yielded results that have surpassed their expectations, and they can take pride in the rejuvenated appearance of their home.

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