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Porch Ceiling Restoration in Beaverton

The Beaty’s have always done their own painting but really did not want to tackle the porch ceilings on their own.  Their wood ceilings were discolored with water stains, mildew and a wood stain that was wearing in a very uneven way, as you can see in the before pics.  So they hired us!

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Here’s what we did:

✅ Removed the mildew and failing stain with a fungicide, stiff bristled brush and pressure washing.

✅ Meticulously masked adjacent siding to prevent over-spray.

✅ Sprayed and back brushed 2 coats of Urethane Modified Acrylic Stain from Rodda, called Sharkskin.

✅ Completed the final inspection with the client making sure we gave them crisp lines and a fully restored and protected surface that they will enjoy for many years.

Photo of Porch Ceiling Restoration in Beaverton in Portland, Oregon
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