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Preserving Beauty: Bull Mountain Neighborhood Painting Project

Nestled in the beautiful Bull Mountain Neighborhood of Tigard, Oregon, stands a charming house that had lost some of its original splendor due to the harsh sunlight’s effect on its exterior paint. The homeowners, Margie and Rick, were determined to restore their residence to its former glory, while also ensuring the longevity of their new window installations. Faced with a fading façade and the threat of dry rot and mildew due to unprotected window trim, they decided to hire us, their trusted painters, to refresh their beloved home.

The Problem

The persistent exposure to the sun on the south side of the property had caused significant paint fade, detracting from the home’s curb appeal. The recently installed windows posed another challenge; if left unpainted, the new trim was susceptible to mildew and dry rot. This not only threatened the aesthetic appeal of Margie and Rick’s home but also the structural integrity of their new windows and surrounding siding. They needed to act quickly to prevent potential moisture intrusion and consequent damage.

Why Us?

Margie and Rick were not new clients. We had previously worked on several of their painting projects and had also painted for their neighbors. Our quality of work, professionalism, and ability to consistently deliver on promises had earned us their trust. They were confident that we could revive the aesthetic appeal of their house while providing the necessary protection for their new windows.

The Solution

Our approach to Margie and Rick’s problem was comprehensive. We started with a gentle pressure wash, scraping and priming any failing paint. We meticulously caulked and filled holes and gaps to ensure a smooth, even surface for the new coat of paint. Once the preparations were done, we applied high-quality paint expertly matched to their original color, simultaneously protecting the new window trims. A thorough clean-up followed, and we conducted a final inspection with the homeowners to ensure every detail was 100% as promised.

The Impact

With the project complete, Margie and Rick take pride in their home’s exterior. The fresh coat of paint restored the house’s aesthetic charm, while the treated window trims guaranteed protection against mildew and dry rot. This work helped safeguard their investment in the new windows and the siding, and significantly reduced the risk of moisture intrusion.

Ignoring the issue would have led to escalating structural problems, potential extensive damage, and an inevitable decrease in the value of their property. Now, instead, Margie and Rick have a vibrant, protected home, bringing beauty to the Bull Mountain neighborhood.


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