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Re-Paint in Oregon City


When paint is over 10 years old, it is no surprise to find fading, bare wood, failed caulking and peeling. That’s why this client from Oregon City called us!

Since their cedar shingles, trim and doors were ready for a re-do they also opted to have all their black metal railings, fences, and entrance gate re-finished. 

What did we do?
✔️Pressure washed all surfaces
✔️Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint
✔️Replace failed caulking
✔️Masked adjacent surfaces – No overspray or drips!
✔️Meticulously applied Paint and Primer to the shingles, trim, doors and metal railings / gates
✔️Thorough clean up
✔️Inspected work with client, ensuring complete satisfaction

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Photo of Re-Paint in Oregon City in Portland, Oregon

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