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Summer BBQ Prep: Beware the Spark in Your Trash Can!

Summer BBQ Prep: Beware the Spark in Your Trash Can!

It’s almost that time! The sun is shining, and you’ve got your sights set on hosting the ultimate summer BBQ. Your deck, fresh off a sprucing up with some oil-based stain, looks perfect for your friends to lounge on. You’ve nailed the DIY job and, without a second thought, you throw those stain-soaked rags in the trash bin. But hold on, did you just turn your bin into a potential BBQ before the main event? Let’s talk about the uninvited guest to your summer party: spontaneous combustion.

An Uninvited Heatwave

Spontaneous combustion is not your average BBQ party trick. It’s when certain materials (like those oil-soaked rags) decide to start a fire without any spark. Picture a summer heatwave, but one that’s tucked away in your trash can, slowly turning up the temperature.

Your Deck-Enhancers: A Hidden Fire Starter?

Those oil-based stains and paint thinners, the secret sauce behind your deck’s summer glow-up, are the potential spark in this equation. They contain oils that heat up as they oxidize. It’s like having a mini dance party going on where everyone’s body heat starts to increase the room temperature. Now, picture that scenario, but trapped in a confined garbage bin. Not so fun now, is it?

Decked Out Safely: Keep the BBQ on the Grill

To make sure your summer BBQ remains the friendly get-together you envisioned, here’s what to do:

  1. Don’t toss those oily rags in the trash bin: That’s like accidentally inviting a fire-breather to your party.
  2. Store used rags in a metal container with water: Think of it as giving the rags a nice, cooling dip before they join the party.
  3. Properly dispose of hazardous waste: Your local waste facility is the bouncer who knows how to handle these potential fire-starters.
  4. Spread the rags out to dry: Like guests at a party, they just need a little bit of space.
  5. Read the fine print: It’s like the unwritten rules of a party – they’re there to ensure everyone has a good time (safely).

So, as you prepare for your epic summer BBQ, keep in mind that your helpful deck-refinishing agents can become a little too hot to handle if not treated right. But with these safety steps in mind, you’ll be all set to kick back, enjoy the festivities, and be the star of the season – for your grilling skills, not your unexpected firework display.

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