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Bull Mountain home in Tigard takes curb appeal to the next level.

This beautiful Bull Mountain home was originally built in 1998 with a very Mediterranean vibe that was common at the time. After over two decades in their home Brian and Cathy knew it was time for an overhaul to bring their beloved home back to life. Where to start was tricky and enlisting the help of the extremely talented Faith Cosgrove owner of The Studio Resource Group LLC was the exact starting point they needed. Faith took the time to understand and know Brian and Cathy to help determine what would bring their vibrant personalities to shine through their home.

When asked about how she carefully and thoughtfully crafted this dramatic change for Brian and Cathy, Faith said ”with the vision of ‘new on the block’ I took it from the top on down.  The roof had great angles, so I used complimentary materials to contrast the elevations and allow dimensions. The architectural elements in the composition begged for detail. Body color to expand the visual dynamics became a unique white, punctuating the trim with a dark contrast color. Garage glass doors moved the look into a more contemporary vibe and brightened the interior without losing privacy. Large visible address numbers to complete the detail to a T.

The identity of the columns became white, and the color accentuated the stacked block posts. They needed lights. Lighting is implemented as well as landscape to complete the property presence.

As shown in the evening photo Lighting is essential to complete the invitation in.

This was a project taken on by our company to bring new life to the home of 25 years. Every detail was addressed in our commitment to a whole new identity for our clients to come home to.” – Faith Cosgrove Interior Exterior designer with The Studio Resource Group LLC

All of Faith’s magical touches in the paint department were brought to life by our talented team of painters. Check out the punch list our team followed that helped create this modernized and energetic new vibe for this one-of-a-kind home and its owners.

  • Pressure washed all surfaces – remove that dirt and debris.
  • Scraped and sanded loose and peeling paint.
  • Replaced failed caulking.
  • Masked adjacent surfaces – No overspray or drips!
  • Meticulously applied primer and paint to the trim and doors.
  • Thorough clean-up.
  • Inspected work with client, ensuring complete satisfaction!

Photo of Bull Mountain home in Tigard takes curb appeal to the next level. in Portland, Oregon

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