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A warm new holiday look has just been finished in Rosewood neighborhood Lake Oswego

A warm new holiday look has just been finished in Rosewood neighborhood Lake Oswego Our talented team of painters just completed Tyler’s main level and kitchen paint transformation. 

Our Client’s Goal: A fresh new look to renew the youth and vibrancy to the beloved home.

The problem: Tyler, who did a lot of his own painting but found the intricate steps, especially with trim, too time-consuming. It is a busy time of year and with many other things on his plate he would like to pass this one off to focus on more enjoyable projects.

What made him choose us to be his painter: Tyler wanted a painting company that he could trust. He discovered us through a Google search. Guided by the glowing Google Reviews from our wonderful clients that delved into detail on what makes Pearl Painters the right choice he decided to contact us. What won his trust? Our transparent process and thorough communication, and how his home/surfaces will be treated set us apart.

Our solution: Transforming natural wood trim into a sleek, painted surface. Walls and ceilings throughout the main level common areas also got our attention.

The basic process: involved meticulous steps – from sanding and filling holes to achieving a seamless look with caulk transitions, and a coat of oil-based bonding primer. All this prep was followed with 2 coats on all surfaces.

Imagine if Tyler hadn’t taken this step: Without the assistance of Pearl Painters, he would have been immersed in the project, leading to an exceptionally stressful holiday season. Thanks to the help of our crew Tyler’s home now radiates modern charm, complete satisfaction, and a significant amount of time saved on what would have been a demanding, time-consuming house project. 

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