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Interior garage painting Project Near Orchard Park in Portland OR

We had the privilege to step into Ram and Uma’s garage and witness a dilemma many homeowners face. With a freshly coated concrete floor gleaming beneath them, the unfinished sheetrock walls stood out starkly. They appeared dirty, uncleanable due to their unsealed nature, and frankly, uneven since they were merely fire taped.

Ram and Uma’s desire was simple yet specific: transform the garage into a more usable space by addressing the walls and ceilings. Timing was essential; they wished the painting to follow closely after the floor coating to avoid emptying the garage twice. They found their way to us through Ryan Wilder at Webfoot Concrete Coatings. Comparing various quotes, what won Ram and Uma over was not just our competitive pricing but the warmth of our crew, our dedication to quality, and the strong endorsement from Portland’s top-rated concrete coatings company. Not to mention, they took a keen look at our Google reviews!

Understanding their urgency, we synced our schedules perfectly, stepping in when their garage was vacant of personal items. Our team diligently masked, taped, primed, and painted every inch of their interior painting project – walls, ceilings, doors, frames, and even the wooden stairs. Ensuring complete client satisfaction, we concluded with a thorough walk-through with Ram and Uma, only moving towards the final payment once their smiles mirrored the brightness of their newly transformed garage.

Today, Ram and Uma look at their freshly painted garage, and it evokes a sense of warmth. Their garage, now bright and inviting, stands as a true extension of their home’s livability. Had they postponed this transformation, they would have been burdened with the logistical inconvenience of re-emptying their garage and a constant reminder of the unfinished walls against the backdrop of their beautiful new floor.

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