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Repeat Customers in Tigard and Their Revitalized Interior Space

This is our fourth project with Keven and Marianne. They’ve always been so pleased with our work and have referred us to several of their friends and neighbors, always with great results and feedback. 

We actually rediscovered a review that Keven left for us 9 years ago! We are so grateful to have their continued trust in our work. And doubly grateful for the incredible review. It’s a long one, so it’ll be split up throughout this project.

Keven Hass
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Interior Paint competed 2014/Exterior Painting (review below) was in 2012

Two years earlier we had Pearl Painters update our home with new paint and a brand new look. It was an understatement to say we were happy with the results. It was time for a facelift on the interior and we didn’t even think twice about getting other bids….we just called Brian at Pearl Painting and asked how soon he could meet with us to get the work scheduled.

My wife and I wanted a specific look to enhance the quality and presentation of the interior of our home. It goes without saying that quality takes time and we knew that Pearl Painters are willing to invest the time necessary to meet our expectations and they do not compromise when it comes to quality.

The Project

This time around, they wanted to paint the interior of their Tigard home a completely new color. Last time we painted their interior, they stuck with the same paint as before, to play it safe and keep things simple. Over time, they came to regret that decision, as the paint was flat, easily scuffed up, and didn’t wash well. They wished they had gone bolder with their color choice. 

In the end, they chose a rich shade of grey that has fully modernized and brightened their entire living space. It makes a statement when you walk through the front door, which is exactly what they wanted. And it’s way more washable and durable than the last paint! 

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Our Approach

We used Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X paint, known for its resistance to chipping, resilience in high-traffic areas, and exceptional wash-ability. 

The project involved meticulous masking, wall preparation, and the application of two coats of paint by hand. Since we were the last ones to paint this home, it was a breeze to match our sharp lines and complete the work in only four days. And that was for all the common areas plus two rooms!

Keven’s review continued… 

Keven Hass
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Brian and I walked through each individual room to review the wood work and what was necessary to give us the look we described. He recommended that the trim be sprayed vs. hand painted to achieve the results desired. Brian pointed out several areas that needed the attention of a professional dry waller and made a recommendation on a contractor that we hired to get the interior issues addressed and ready for painting. They were meticulous with masking off the necessary areas of our home and invested a great deal of care to ensure the home was protected prior to the spraying that was to be done. The results are amazing. Our home looks better than ever and we couldn’t be happier.

A man and a woman standing in a living room, holding a sign that advertises pearl painters, with a phone number and list of services.
Marianne and Keven have fallen in love with their home all over again!

The Customer’s Response

Marianne told us that she feels like the queen of the castle! They are so proud of their home once again. She said, “We loved our home before, but the new color and sheen makes us say ‘damn!’ It is so much better!”

They feel like if they hadn’t brought us out there to refresh their interior paint, they would have continued to stare at the walls and never really loved the look. It would have stayed ho-hum, rather than a space they are excited to show and host events at.

Before and after images of a home interior renovation showing a hallway and living area with updated decor and lighting.

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Keven & Marianne's Tigard Home Interior: Before And After Painting

Their Exterior Project

We first worked with Keven and Marianne on their exterior home painting project more than a full decade ago. They had reached out to us to provide a quote, and were clearly impressed with our approach. We still get positive feedback about our unique way of quoting projects, as we are so thorough that we’ll even give you questions to ask other painters. Read more below!

Keven Hass
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Exterior competed 2012:

After making the decision to have our house painted we invested the time to interview four different painting contractors. It became very clear, very quickly that there was a great disparity from one company to another. With this being an investment in protecting our home we wanted to make sure we chose wisely. Bid costs varied greatly but our concern was with quality. We were not looking for the cheapest price but the best value for our money. We had one contractor who gave us a bid within 15 minutes of his arrival compared to Brian at Pearl Painting who invested a great deal of time in review of what we wanted done as well as the technical challenge our house would be as we are on a steep slope. After these four different interviews we knew who we wanted to paint our house it was Pearl Painters.

Pearl was not the cheapest and in fact was the highest of the four bids. We initially thought we didn’t want to afford Pearl Painters, but we are very glad we discussed this with Brian! He provided questions we should ask him and the other bidders that never occurred to us. He provided an easy to understand approach that made us realize just how uninformed we were regarding what we perceived as simple. With an expense of this size and the everyday visual of its nature, we did not want to be disappointed or endure the, “I wish we would have known…” The crew of Pearl Painters was meticulous and focused on quality ….not just getting done quickly and then moving on to the next job. They were professional and their care and attention to detail was phenomenal. They made suggestions and brought situations to our attention we would not have considered on our own. Brian listened to our color choices and provided ideas to enhance our vision and the end result was fantastic! Even while the work was going on, people driving by stopped to take pictures and/or tell us how wonderful it was turning out. Our neighbors have all commented on the look and quality of work. It has been three weeks since our home has been painted and not a day goes by that we don’t comment on how beautiful it turned out. We keep touching the paint and “wowing” over the richness and depth. We couldn’t be happier and not once have we said, “I wish they would have…” I would invite anyone to stop by and make your own comparison. We are truly satisfied customers of Pearl Painting. Keven and Marianne Hass 13542 SW Hillshire DR Tigard Or 97223

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