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Precise, Consistent Interior Painting Throughout Deanne’s Portland Home

“Calming” and “relaxing” were the words our Portland customer, Deanne, used to describe our paintwork on the interior walls, ceilings, trim, and cabinets of her home. Many painting companies cause disruption and mess throughout your home, but Deanne speaks of nothing but bliss and tranquility when it comes to the work completed by Pearl Painters. And since this is the fifth project we’ve completed for Deanne over the years, we definitely trust her opinion!

Deanne actually left us a review seven years ago:

Thank you for your continued trust in our work, Deanne!

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The Work

Deanne’s latest Portland home had a number of issues when we arrived that had likely been left behind by an earlier DIY novice. Old wallpaper clung to the walls, wood trim and cabinets were painted in some parts of the house and not others, and the walls were cracked, rough and bumpy from the previous paint job. Everything was mismatched, outdated, and in need of some sprucing up. Deanne came to us for an updated look, a high quality finish, and consistency flowing throughout the house.

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The Solution

We set to work right away with our all-important on-site meeting with Deanne to discuss the full extent of the project. Every aspect of the work was examined and detailed in the contract and video scope to ensure nothing was missed. As experts in our craft, Deanne trusted us completely to manage the project without her involvement. Once our plan for the work was laid out in full, there was no hesitation from us in delivering Deanne’s dream of an updated, consistent look for her home.

In order to undo the previous painters’ errors, we undertook careful prep and repair work to ensure that, this time, things were done right. After covering the floors and furniture, we got started on disassembling cabinets, doors, and associated hardware. While our team diligently patched and repaired the cracked drywall, they also sanded and cleaned all of the outdated woodwork in order to breathe fresh life into the cabinets, trim and doors. We used an oil primer to ensure maximum adhesion and then applied two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance enamel. For the walls and ceilings, our choice for this project was Benjamin Moore Regal.

Deanne smiles while holding a Pearl Painters sign in her freshly painted laundry room in Portland.
Deanne couldn't be happier with her updated laundry room.

The Verdict

Deanne’s neighbors shared in her immense satisfaction with our work. From what Deanne told us during our final review of the completed work, it sounds like we’ll be paying some of her friends a visit in the near future to tackle their painting projects too! Even Deanne’s keen-eyed designer couldn’t help but marvel at the quality and precision of our work as she inspected the nooks, crannies and transitions, and the straightness of the lines.

Pearl Painters van parked in Portland driveway with sign in yard
If you see a Pearl Painters van in your Portland neighbor's driveway, you know they're getting some spectacular painting done in their home!

We’re proud to have created a luxurious and clean new look for Deanne’s home in Portland and would love to come and share our expertise with you. If your walls are struggling with bad paint jobs or your cabinets are feeling tired and outdated, get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote. 

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Deanne's Portland Home Interior: Before And After Painting

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