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This Beaverton Home’s Interior was Transformed with Accent Walls and Fresh Paint

One successful painting project often leads to another. Maureen and Derek originally hired Pearl Painters to paint the exterior of their Beaverton home. That project was a success, and the couple has been thrilled with their fresh, updated outdoor aesthetic. Maureen and Derek’s satisfaction with our work prompted them to approach us with another project, this time focusing on their home’s interior.

Planning The Makeover

The couple wanted their unpainted front door to sport an attractive finish that complimented their home’s style, as well as new painting work done on their vaulted entry and great room. The project would demand expert handling due to the high reach of the couple’s ceilings as well as a significant update to their color scheme.

We initiated this project utilizing our signature consultation process, this time including Vanessa Rider from Color Moxie to assist in planning an update to the space’s color palette. The work that followed would be a dramatic change to Maureen and Derek’s interior space.

Our Meticulous Process

Our team dove into the preparation process with the meticulous attention to detail Pearl Painters is known for. This project’s preparatory work included intricate masking, sanding, cleaning, and priming. The front door received a durable enamel finish, its smooth surface the result of carefully-applied spray techniques. 

Painting interior of front door in Beaverton.
The tape ensures crisp lines, while the paper ensures no other surfaces get a drop of paint on them.

The great room’s expansive walls and ceilings were addressed with a combination of careful brush and roller work, producing a consistent, seamless finish despite the complexity of vaulted ceilings.

Pearl Painters painting the high walls in a Beaverton home's interior.
We are pros at tackling high walls and ceilings.

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Freshly Painted Space, Happy Customers

Maureen and Derek’s interior project was more than just a color update. It was a reaffirmation of their trust in our skills and our commitment to their satisfaction. Witnessing the couple’s joy and relief at their home’s transformation and knowing that they trusted us to produce professional, safe, and visually stunning results was immensely gratifying.

We wrapped up this interior project with a thorough clean-up and final inspection, confirming perfect execution of every aspect of the job. Maureen and Derek’s delight at the result of their freshly painted space and their obvious enthusiasm during the final reveal of their updated home were not just a testament to the quality of our work, but also a reflection of the strong, trust-based relationship we had built with the couple.

Derek Roberts smiles while holding Pearl Painters sign in front of accent wall, freshly painted in his Beaverton home.
Another satisfied client in Beaverton

This Beaverton home update exemplifies our dedication to transforming spaces and cultivating lasting relationships with our clients. When it comes to executing high quality, visually stunning painting projects, we know that understanding the needs and aspirations of our clients is as critical to a project’s success as superior workmanship and flawless execution.

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Project Gallery

We have a few photos from this project from before, during, and after we were done. Enjoy!

Before & During this Interior Project:

End Result:

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