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Touch up painting for a client in NW Portland.

This stylish Northwest Portland home was being prepared for a future sale. There were numerous dings, holes, nail pops and scuff marks on the trim, doors and walls throughout. Look around your home…you know, it’s the normal wear and tear that we all have. What made this project tricky was that we didn’t have any of the original paint indicating what color or sheen was used.

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The homeowner had another painter attempt to fix these blemishes but ultimately, they refused to do the job telling him that he was too picky and the project was too difficult to match since the paint had aged for many years.

We got creative and were able to get great matches on the various colors and sheen levels.  After lots of filler work, sanding, cleaning and priming, we were ready to paint.  The next challenge was painting right next to delicate wallpaper that we could NOT tape off for fear of causing damage.  We had a crew of 3 craftsmen on the job (Craig, Noah and Gavin) and they pulled it all off flawlessly in just 2 days.

Photo of Touch up painting for a client in NW Portland. in Portland, Oregon

“I can’t even tell where the damages were, I’m 110% happy! Over my 33 years in residential real estate and property management I’ve supervised many painting projects.  I’ve honed my ability to suss out poor painters.  Pearl Painters is the best I’ve met and will use them for all my painting jobs in the future and will refer them to anyone and everyone I know.”
Ernest Cooper
Principal Broker | Cooper Realty llc


Photo of Touch up painting for a client in NW Portland. in Portland, Oregon

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