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Whole home Painting Project: From Sad and Dark to Proud and Joyful

In Portland, our recent interior painting project for Laurie and Dan showcased the transformative power of meticulous craftsmanship. Their home, once burdened with glossy walls and ceilings that unflatteringly highlighted every flaw in the old lath and plaster, now radiates with harmony and elegance. The inconsistency of the trim paint, varying in shades of white and marred with chips and dents, was a visual disconnect from room to room, contributing to the overall dreariness.

Discovering us through a referral from Ovi at Treadline Hardwood Floors, Laurie and Dan placed their trust in us. What solidified this trust was our commitment to clear communication and our expertise in selecting the right paint for both aesthetic appeal and durability. We provided a detailed video scope of work, ensuring that every aspect of the job was transparent and agreed upon.

Our approach was systematic and professional. A thorough initial walkthrough led to a well-documented plan, encapsulated in a contract accompanied by a video. We set a clear timeline, starting and finishing the project as promised. The process involved a complete overhaul – prepping and painting all trim, doors, walls, and ceilings in the home.

Laurie and Dan appreciated not just the efficiency and logical flow of our work but also the demeanor of our painters. Described as clean, careful (especially with their brand-new floors), knowledgeable, and friendly, our painters were commended for their attention to detail, creating an atmosphere akin to having family around, rather than just contractors.

The transformation has been life-changing for Laurie and Dan. Where once the dark colors cast a shadow over their home, now each room bursts with uplifting hues, making them proud and joyful in their revitalized space. They expressed how, without this project, the previous state of their home would have continued to be a source of sadness and discomfort.

This project in Portland stands as a testament to the impact of thoughtful and skilled painters, turning a house into a cherished home.

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