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How Much Does It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets? Our 2024 Guide

Portland’s ever-changing weather and overcast skies can leave many homeowners seeking a fresh and uplifting change in their living spaces. A bright, newly painted set of kitchen cabinets can be the perfect solution to bring vibrancy and warmth to your home, regardless of the season. The visual enhancement of a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to instantly rejuvenate your kitchen area.

So, what does it cost to have your kitchen cabinets professionally painted? The answer varies, as several factors influence the overall price of refreshing your kitchen’s look. Here’s a detailed overview of what you need to consider when estimating the cost to hire a professional painter for your kitchen cabinets.

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10 Factors We Use to Determine the Price of Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

1. Kitchen Size and Cabinet Layout

How big is your kitchen? One of the most significant pricing factors for painting kitchen cabinets lies in the linear footage of your cabinets. You may think of this as square footage, but it’s slightly different. When we measure, we look at the entire length down each set of cabinets (uppers and lowers) as well as the outer perimeter of the island.

Our process is very formula-driven, ensuring consistent quotes from home and home and project to project. The final quote, when looking at the size, is based upon production rates. This, essentially, is the number of linear feet we can complete per hour of time.

Long story short: The larger the kitchen, or the more cabinets you have, the higher the cost of painting will be due to increased material and labor requirements.

Before and after photos of kitchen cabinets painted in Portland
Cost to paint this kitchen’s cabinets in 2024: $8690

2. Cabinet Condition and Previous Finishes

Does your cabinetry have prior paint jobs or clear finishes? Whether your cabinets are previously painted or have a clear finish can increase the amount of preparatory work needed for painting like sanding and priming. Additionally, certain types of wood like open grain (oak) or smooth (maple) can have an impact on the duration and labor involved in the painting preparation process. Does the surface of your cabinets have a thick buildup of grease? Removal of this film can require stripping and extra attention to your cabinets before they can be painted.

3. Hardware Updates

Are you considering changing up your cabinet hardware? Changing handles and hardware can modernize the look of your cabinets, adding to the bright new aesthetic of your kitchen. However, changing hardware typically involves drilling new holes and patching old ones, which will add to the project’s cost.

4. Painting Technique

How would you like your paint applied? The choice between spraying or hand painting the cabinet boxes can influence the cost of updating your cabinets. Spraying provides a smoother finish but may require more setup and cleanup time, whereas hand painting is more labor-intensive. Each approach will factor uniquely into the project’s pricing.

White kitchen cabinets painted by Pearl Painters - with blue island
Kitchen cabinet painting in Portland by Pearl Painters

5. Workspace Availability

Updating your cabinets takes space! If you have a garage or a similar work space available for spraying doors and drawers, it can reduce the cost and complexity of the project. Otherwise, having to transport them away from the work site for spraying might add to the price of repainting your kitchen cabinets.

6. Color Choices

Looking to make a statement? The number of colors you choose for your cabinet repainting venture can impact the price. Multiple colors often mean more labor and materials. We do provide color consultation services and can help guide you toward the perfect shades for your kitchen.

7. Type of Paint

The paint type you select for your kitchen cabinet update (water-based, oil-based, hybrid, lacquer, conversion varnish, 1k, 2k) will also impact the cost of your painting project. Like the color of the paint, we will discuss the different options with you when determining the needs of the project. We know exactly what type of paint is most suitable for your kitchen cabinets.

Before and after photos of large kitchen repainted, with island
Cost to paint these cabinets in 2024: $12,235

8. Interior Painting

How much does the inside of the cabinets matter to you? Kitchen cabinets get a lot of use, and the interior can matter as much as the exterior. While we take care of repairs, adding paint to the interior is often a consideration. It’s important to improve the durability of the interior while also updating the aesthetic. That said, painting the interiors of cabinet boxes and drawers will add time and materials to the job.

9. Protective Finishes

Protect your investment! A clear protective finish over the new paint can enhance durability of your kitchen update but will add to the overall cost. While the paint we use is durable, adding that final layer is typically recommended, especially in highly trafficked kitchens.

10. Additional Painting Work

Thinking about refreshing more than just your cabinets? If you’re considering painting walls or ceilings along with your cabinetry, this will increase the project’s scope and cost. Even opting for touch-ups of older paint requires additional work.

One Last Thing…

If you’re looking to hire a professional painter for your cabinets, you likely are getting a few quotes. Make sure that you’re getting quotes from reliable companies. This is a great post about what to watch out for when hiring a painter: The Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Painter

Our Pricing for Kitchen Cabinet Painting in 2024

As kitchen cabinet painters, we take all of the above factors into consideration when we calculate the cost of updating your kitchen’s aesthetic. Each kitchen boasts a unique set of variables, from size to cabinet condition to materials needed to execute a repainting job. Now is a good time to take an inventory of your own culinary space and start to get an idea of the possibilities for your own kitchen upgrade.

We believe in full transparency. Here is a real cabinet painting quote. Note the amount of detail that we include in this quote, including a video. A detailed scope of work video is standard for our projects. 

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Examples of Cabinet Painting Costs

Need some cabinet repainting inspiration? And curious what we charge for kitchen cabinet painting? We believe in full transparency. Check out five projects we’ve completed along with what it would cost to execute them in 2024:

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