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Oak Cabinet Painting in Tualatin: Our Third Project for Emily

Our Tualatin customer Emily has just completed the Pearl Painters hat trick! Back in 2007 we took on her interior painting project, 2010 we painted the exterior, and in 2024 we were back at her beautiful Victoria Woods home for a third time to paint her cabinets.

According to Emily, “everything we have done in the past has stood up well” and she was “always happy with our previous work.” Not only are we proud that Emily still loves our earlier paintwork more than a decade later, but we were delighted to come back and give her kitchen a new lease on life with updated cabinets.

After 28 years of service, Emily’s kitchen was in urgent need of modernizing. The countertops were starting to fail and the finish on the oak cabinets was wearing off. Not to mention, the color was no longer to Emily’s tastes and looked very dated. 

Beautifully restored cabinets with new paint by Pearl Painters.

Our first step was to connect Emily with Vanessa Rider at Color Moxie NW. Vanessa’s expertise in color selection played a crucial role in harmonizing the paint with Emily’s new countertops and tile. Emily appreciated Vanessa’s ability to provide full-size swatches, which significantly boosted her confidence in the color choice. Moreover, Vanessa’s keen eye for detecting subtle undertones in paint colors—details that often remain unnoticed until the project is complete—was particularly valuable in ensuring the final result met Emily’s expectations.”

Next was to consult with Emily and plan every aspect of the cabinet painting project meticulously to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. We wanted Emily to relax and trust us to handle the entire process.

“It went exactly as described in the quote,” Emily told us, “with no surprises or cost changes.” That’s the kind of customer service we always strive for. Clear communication is essential to any project’s success, but especially so when your kitchen, the heart of your home, is being turned upside down during a renovation project! 

Emily especially appreciated our video walkthrough before we started work, saying she “liked that it was focused at the crew and the client and called out existing damage.” She also felt that the video ensured that, “everyone was clear on what their role was and who was responsible for moving things and very good at defining not only the scope in terms of what was included but also what was excluded.”

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Our Cabinet Painting Process

Our meticulous process for repainting kitchen cabinets begins with carefully disassembling the cabinets, ensuring every component is accessible for thorough cleaning. Next, we clean the surfaces to remove any dirt, grease, or residues that could affect the finish. Sanding follows, creating a smooth surface for optimal paint adhesion. Because these were oak cabinets with an open grain we applied 2 coats of  oil-based primer to encapsulate and seal the open pores of the oak, this prevents any sort of tannins from leaching out of the wood and prepares the surface for painting. Caulking and filling any imperfections ensure a flawless final look. Using a professional spraying technique, we apply two coats of high-quality enamel paint, ensuring even coverage and a durable finish. Finally, we dedicate a great deal of effort towards cleaning up the workspace. After all, our job was to leave Emily’s kitchen looking fresh and revitalized, and leaving a mess behind us certainly wouldn’t achieve that!

Throughout the project, Emily described our team as always being, “professional and pleasant and got here on time, ready to work, and worked a full day at a steady pace. Everyone introduced themselves, not just some random people.” From greeting customers, to prep work, to the painting itself, and everything that needs to happen afterwards, we ensure that every member of our team is on the same page by following our trusted BKMs which guide the team and our customers through the entire process. Emily trusted us with her cabinet painting project “because we had performed well in the past,” and because she “always hires trustworthy people.”

The New Look

With additional remodeling work completed by Wilsonville Carpet and Tile including the dazzling new counter top and tile, Emily is convinced she “made the right decision” by partnering with Pearl Painters to provide a new finish for her kitchen cabinets.

Friends and neighbors have been amazed by the results and with a hint of envy will tell Emily, “I need to do my kitchen now.”

She added that if she hadn’t tackled the project now she “would have had to wait until next fall when the busy exterior season was over, and would not be able to enjoy her new kitchen now.” It’s true! When the summer arrives and the sun comes out, we get booked up with exterior painting jobs.

So, if you’re ready to start your kitchen remodel, learn more about our cabinet painting services and get in touch today for a free estimate.

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Emily's Tualatin Kitchen Cabinets: Before and After Painting

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