First Exterior of 2020!

It’s sure great to be outside in the fresh air…

The Neufeld’s home in Portland was in need of a good cleaning, lots of caulking and fresh new paint colors.

We had 3 of our finest craftsmen along with an awesome new addition to our team:
-Craig,10+ years with Pearl
-Ryan, 3+ years with Pearl
-Noah, 2+ years with Pearl
-Liane — New and Rockin’ it!

Our team was able to successfully navigate this week’s rain and take this project over the finish line making another client very happy!

Check out the project photos below.
Click to enlarge.

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Brian Kemnitz, Pearl Painters — Owner



During this difficult time we are committed to keeping our hardworking team doing what they do best – making our clients happy and their homes and businesses beautiful!

For a limited time, when you hire us for any type of interior project, we are covering the cost of the paint. Project must be completed by April 30, 2020. 

Paint options to choose from are as follows:

Walls & Ceilings

  • Miller Evolution
  • Rodda Eco Logic 
  • Benjamin Moore Regal

Cabinets, Doors & Trim

  • Rodda Renaissance
  • Benjamin Moore Advance

We are all in this fight together and will get through this by supporting each other.

You might be wondering if it’s safe to have painters in your home during this time?  Click here to see our COVID-19 Safety Practices.

Thank you,

Brian Kemnitz – Owner

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COVID-19 & Your Painting Project

We have been getting flooded with calls and emails from clients who are concerned about their upcoming painting projects, wondering if we can move forward or not?  To answer that question quickly YES, we are safe to move forward as all construction related trades are considered essential. 

Here’s a paragraph from an email that we received on March 23rd from the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board (ORCCB):

“On Monday March 23, 2020, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12. The order did not include construction among the business or industries required to close. However, the order does require all business that remain in operation to employ social distancing guidelines and to designate an employee or officer to establish implement and enforce social distancing policies consistent with guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.”

We are approaching this as a “team effort” that includes you, the homeowner/client.  We all agree to the following to keep you, your family, and our employees safe.

✅Social Distance 6ft rule – We strive to keep at least 6ft away from each other and you at all times.  And absolutely no handshaking.

✅Hand washing – Using soap and water for 20 seconds or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol will be used as follows, at minimum:
1. Before, or immediately upon entering your home
2. Before and after eating lunch
3. After using the restroom

✅Disinfecting – Routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (ex. doorknobs, light switches, handles, toilets, faucets, sinks etc.) with EPA-registered disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface, following label instructions. In the event we run out of Clorox wipes, we would switch to the CDC recommendation of a bleach solution of 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water.  These surfaces will be cleaned at least 2 times per day.  Once upon entering your home each day and again at the end of the day.

✅Feeling Sick? If any of our staff is experiencing cold symptoms we will not work in your home.  We ask homeowners to inform us as soon as they become aware of similar symptoms so we can work together to come up with a plan B.  

✅Designated Bathroom — We also ask that you designate a specific bathroom for our use exclusively.  We will make sure all surfaces that are regularly touched in that bathroom are cleaned after each use.
Pearl Painters places a high value on safety and customer care above all else. Otherwise, It’s business as usual.  At this time, we are providing all interior and exterior painting services.
For the sake of our hardworking team, we hope these procedures put your mind at ease. We look forward to doing what we do best, making your home beautiful!  We are all in this fight together and will get through this by supporting each another. 

Thank you for your support in these crazy times!
Brian Kemnitz – Owner

Interior painting project in Southwest Portland.

Tiana purchased a new home in Southwest Portland, inheriting some very bold colors from the previous owner.  She selected a spectacular new color and was actually doing the painting herself. She made it through most of the main living areas, but when it came to the vaulted ceilings, hand rails and the dramatic color changes (requiring 3 coats from bright red to grey) she was ready to hand over the brush!

“The work looks great.

The guys did a wonderful job!”

We selected 3 of our best Craftsmen for this project (Craig, Noah and Gavin). In less than 3 days they were able to prep, prime and complete the painting in the Master bath, Master toilet area, Master bedroom, Guest bedroom 1, Guest bedroom 2, upper hall bathroom as well as the oak hand railing and an oak mantel.  Her house is now finished and looks amazing!

Click pictures to enlarge!

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Brian Kemnitz

Cabinet Painting Project in SW Portland.

The Bowlings hired us to convert the clear finish on their Knotty Alder cabinets over to paint. This presented a major challenge as there were massive knot holes that we needed to make disappear.

Once the white oil primer goes on all the knot holes really show up! Now the fun begins with lots of filling and sanding…

We had a team of 3 (Craig, Noah and Gavin) dissemble all hardware, mask to prevent over spray, sand, clean, oil prime, fill all knots with bondo, sand again then prime again, caulk all gaps, then spray 2 coats of a hard oil finish. As you can see we were able to make all the knots vanish. End result is a smooth, professional finish that looks great and, as an added bonus, will be super easy to maintain.

Click images to enlarge:

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Touch up painting for a client in NW Portland.

This stylish Northwest Portland home was being prepared for a future sale. There were numerous dings, holes, nail pops and scuff marks on the trim, doors and walls throughout. Look around your home…you know, it’s the normal wear and tear that we all have. What made this project tricky was that we didn’t have any of the original paint indicating what color or sheen was used.

Click images to enlarge

The homeowner had another painter attempt to fix these blemishes but ultimately, they refused to do the job telling him that he was too picky and the project was too difficult to match since the paint had aged for many years.

We got creative and were able to get great matches on the various colors and sheen levels.  After lots of filler work, sanding, cleaning and priming, we were ready to paint.  The next challenge was painting right next to delicate wallpaper that we could NOT tape off for fear of causing damage.  We had a crew of 3 craftsmen on the job (Craig, Noah and Gavin) and they pulled it all off flawlessly in just 2 days.

“I can’t even tell where the damages were, I’m 110% happy! Over my 33 years in residential real estate and property management I’ve supervised many painting projects.  I’ve honed my ability to suss out poor painters.  Pearl Painters is the best I’ve met and will use them for all my painting jobs in the future and will refer them to anyone and everyone I know.”
Ernest Cooper
Principal Broker | Cooper Realty llc

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Front door that makes a statement!

We have completed many projects in this Bull Mountain home in Tigard. For this round we returned to paint the inside of the front door.

The glass on the front door was replaced leaving behind exposed screw heads. This presented a challenge as the client wanted to paint the door in a glossy black finish and NOT see where each screw head was once painted. The common method for dealing with this issue is the insertion of factory plastic screw plugs, but the client didn’t want common…they wanted it to be flawless. To obtain this look, we used Bondo. After several passes using this filler (and lots of sanding) we had a smooth, seamless surface that would disappear once painted.

Craig is a master level painter, he makes it look so easy!
Watch as he quickly converts this door from “standard” to “stunning”.

This was a simple 1 day project. Here are some before, during and after pics.
Click to enlarge.

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Brian Kemnitz — Owner

Save $$ on your next painting project!

Introducing the Pearl Painters Referral Program.

You are a happy client and we want to find and create more just like you!

Not a past client of ours?  That’s okay… you can take advantage too!   

How does it work?

Simple – Refer a friend, relative, neighbor or anyone that needs painting work done.  In return we will apply 5% of what they spend towards your next project.  Trust me this can add up fast!

Interior painting✔️
Walls, ceilings, trim, doors, cabinets, stair railings, mantels and more…

Exterior painting✔️
Wood siding, stucco, hardi plank, trim, doors, deck staining and more…

Can we be trusted?  ✔️

Don’t take my word for it…  Click here to see our Google Reviews. 
We currently have 123 reviews, with a 4.9 rating! 

Are we legal? ✔️

Oregon Contractors License #164514 since 2001 (with a spotless record ?)

  • Liability Insurance – This covers property damages up to $1,000,000.
  • Surety Bond – This is a performance bond by CONTRACTORS BONDING & INS CO up to $15,000.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – This covers our employees so if we get hurt on the job the property owner is not liable.

If you know someone who is in need of painting or planning a remodel project, please share this with them!

Brian Kemnitz — Owner
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Whole home repaint in Tualatin.

This week, we did another full repaint and it was for a client in Tualatin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper recently completed a remodel, adding in new floors and trim. They had a mixture of both old and new surfaces that needed fresh paint and new colors.  That’s where our team came in.

We started by masking / protecting all adjacent surfaces, then lots of filling, sanding, caulking and priming before we sprayed out a durable hard enamel finish from Benjamin Moore called Advance. Advance enamel was used on the trim, doors and stair railings.  From there we painted out the walls and ceilings in rich colors from Benjamin Moore, that were selected by Vanessa Rider @Color Moxie.

Vanessa Rider – Queen of Shades (seriously, she is passionate about getting the right color!)

We think the final results are stunning and the client is very happy too. Here he is standing in his awesome new Foyer!  What do you think?

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Brian Kemnitz, Pearl Painters — Owner


Wall repairs & whole home repaint project in Beaverton.

The Brandon’s recently purchased a home in Beaverton and the walls had numerous holes, cracks and nail pops as well as scars from poor attempts at previous patching jobs. The Brandon’s knew they wanted all new colors in the home, but realized there was much wall prep to do! After searching the web and reading our many Google Reviews, they hired us to tackle their project.

The challenges were #1 complete the repairs so the blemishes didn’t come back, and #2 do it in a way that they weren’t visible once the new paint was on.

Nail pops and cracks can be tricky. If not repaired properly they will create spots that you can’t “unsee” and they will return in a matter of weeks. The first step was an examination of each repair to see if there was wall flex / movement by applying pressure to the area around each issue. In the areas where we found movement, we used additional dry wall screws to stop the wall flex. We then removed the loose material, filled with spackle using fiberglass mesh tape as needed, sanded smooth, applied orange peel texture, spot primed and then finally, we were ready to paint! As always, 95% of the solution is in the prep.

End result – like it never happened… brand new looking walls and beautiful new paint colors.

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